IELTS Writing Samples Band 9

Television and computer games have been the most popular sources of entertainment among folks. While, some individuals believe that the content of these mediums has become violent these days, and it might impact negatively on our society, I would argue that these elements do not have any significant effect on people.
Nowadays, working people need to have a lot of skills beyond good qualifications other skills such as management skills, soft skills... I think qualification skills and social skills are indispensable in this current age. Because it determines whether you can do it or not. This essay will discuss both points of view before coming to a reasoned conclusion.
Tourism sector affected an entire world in many aspects. However, many people have started to use flights for visiting different places. This would make surroundings polluted and create problems for the citizens to live in that place. This essay will discuss such problems and measures would be taken by the regime to handle such issues.
In various nations people are worried regarding the percentage of the children, who are suffering due to the obesity. In my opinion, it is due to the unhealthy diet and the problem can be resolved by implementing physical education as a compulsory subject in the school.
It is a contentious issue that the responsibility of the tutor will be replaced by robotics. In my opinion, I completely disagree because of lack of technological advancement and its inefficiency to create a bonding with the student.
It is indeed that the advancement in technology has a predominant impact on the society. Some intellectuals opine that, the advancements in technology have more detrimental effects which outweigh advantages. I strongly disagree with the above notion.
Nowadays we have to make a lot of decisions every day. While many argue that we have a plethora of choices these days. I completely agree with this statement.
The education system has evolved with time, and continuously trying to catch up with the latest technological advancements. The curriculum being offered by academic institutes is updated periodically, whereas the new developments in the industry are evolving every day. Some critics assert that the university education is the key to become a successful professional, while I completely disagree with this notion and the essay will outline why extra skill set needs to be inculcated in the graduates.
An emerging trend that has generated a widespread phenomenon in the entertainment industry is watching movies at home. Taking all the convenience into account, I am inclined to believe that watching movies on personal screens is much better than seeing the staged performances. Not only will watching movie at home help us to save our precious time, but it can also be a private area to enjoy TV series.
Children are involved in a significant number of nations in different kinds of paid work. While it's believed by some people that this is extremely incorrect, others regard this as a precious professional experience that is crucial for being a responsible and thoughtful individual. Despite some benefits, child abuse by engaging them in physical forms of jobs could harm their character and negatively affect their mental health. In my opinion, young individuals should spend enough time learning and enjoying a normal childhood before getting involved in any kind of job.
People consume the bigger amount of processed meal now than they used to do in the past. This happens due to the busy lifestyle and high prices for fresh products. This essay will take a look at the main reasons, why it happens, and the effects, which processed feed has.
Some people believe that parents should be made to undertake the parenting courses in order to guarantee that their children develop well. Personally, I disagree with this notion and will outline the reasons below.
The world has witnessed many inventions which have changed human lives completely. One such incredible breakthrough was invention of computer. I agree with the notion that this invention is one of the landmarks in the history of mankind.
Although, it is thought by a bound individual's health service shouldn't be controlled by privately operated medical companies and, I would argue that there came more advantages for people utilize private strength services and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.
In the recent times, the society is suffering from the soaring rate of crime all around the world. Some intellectuals opine to devote more fiscal resources to prevent the root of the offences, whereas others consider that the penalty for the crime must get stringent. This essay will discuss both the views of the above notion along with my opinion.
The lifestyle of a common person and nature of reign has changed a lot in the past century, owing to the technological and educational advances. Some people think that the government has the full right to make decisions regarding the way of living of an individual, whereas some are with the view that it should be a personal choice.
The regime must work for the reduction of the criminal cases by imposing the straighten law, which provides the civilization security. Some people perceive that the authority should spend the large amount of fund on the reasons that helps to reduce the misconduct in the nation; while others think that they use such capital to punish the criminals. This essay will discuss about my stance with supporting arguments in further paragraph.
Education would be considered as a rudimentary requirement of an individual. Some people perceive that acquiring skills that helps in the future, jobs such as studying academic subjects or interpersonal communication is a crucial thing, provides opportunity to earn high; while others give more priority to their near and dear one, which provides moral support and happiness. This essay will discuss my stance with supporting arguments in further paragraphs.
For the time being, it is conceded that advance technology starts to explore every aspects globally ranging from lifestyles to daily needs. Hi-tech devices have changed the way of receiving information in peoples live. Some mortals claim that printed media like books, newspapers, and magazines would be left, while others argue that such media will continue to exist. Both of views would be elaborated before my opinion is given.
The awareness regarding an education has uncertainly gained momentum. However, this has been achieved by applying a various methodology in the academic institute. This had created the debatable topic for the researcher, who thinks cosmopolitan visits, plays a crucial role in the development of the pupil during their school time. The essay will discuss my opinion followed by supporting arguments in the below paragraph.