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When a country gets better, A trend that an individual owns a car will be inevitable. However, with the development of this tendency, more and more people are criticizing that the increasing number of automobile leads to a series of serious environmental problems, such as air pollution, global warming and so on. Hence, it is arguable that the relationship between private vehicles and ecosystems, which is compatible or not. This essay will analyze the question and illustrate a clear opinion.
Nowadays with the economic growth in many countries around the world. An increasing number of people are becoming affordable for their own vehicles, and hence cars usage in daily lives has a rising tendency. This trend has brought much significant benefits to individuals in comparing to the harms to the environment, therefore, from my perspective, the growing cars ownership trend should be encouraged.
Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the environmental issue. Some even argue that too many cars are occupying the street which might damage the environment. I strongly agree that cars are harmful to our environment.
By virtue of the development of countries, there is a growing number of people having a tendency to purchase and run their own cars. While this phenomenon may exert desirable impacts on people’s daily life, I subscribe to the contention that an increasing use of cars is deemed to pose a serious threat to the environment.
Nowadays it is a general topic that purchasing individual vehicles is useful for people and affects negative affect on the environment. Some people think that it is just the trend, whereas others believe that it has merits. In this essay, I will discuss points of view and contend that the disadvantages offset the advantages.
Recently there is an upward trend that the quantity of cars for personal use goes up dramatically. It has been a debatable question whether an increasing number of individual vehicles has an adverse impact on the environment. From my perspective, although cars pose a threat to the environment, citizens’ lives are more convenient and easier with their own cars in daily lives.
it is irrefutable that, In advanced pace world, transport is a vital part of human beings life. However, the own vehicles were harmful impact on nature. However, even though this practice brings about a mixed bag of boon or bane, demerits outshine merits.
It is no secret that the world is filled with different images fighting for our attention. Most advertisers and communicators have come to understand that images are effective tools of communication in the modern day. This essay will discuss the effectiveness of images and movies as a mode of communication.
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