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Media often gives limelight to celebrities. I believe that celebrities have no right to blame the media because what they are today it only because of the media. It is the best platform to introduce himself/herself in front of people which one who follow them.
It is frequently argued that as long as celebrities and influencers make their main source of income the intentional exhibition of their personal life in the public they have no right to complain about their privacy violation by media. I completely disagree with this statement as I believe that there is a crucial difference between volunteering disclosure of personal information and the forced one.
Some say, and I agree, that most celebrities have chosen to live in the public eye because it aids them in earning money more easily. Naturally, such openness also exposes them to the public at a high risk. It has stimulated a debate if celebrities have reason to complain when they feel the media are intruding into their private lives. In my opinion, it depends.
Celebrities, such as actors and singers, are known to be constantly under the spotlight. On one hand, this is in favour of the celebrity who recieves media coverage, a fact that assist in him greatly his career. On the other hand, the media intrudes on their privacy and prevent them to have a normal life which, by many can be very disturbing. Although I understand that being constantly watched by journalists can be distressing, I think celebrities earn a very good salary as a result of media coverage, and should understant it is an invaluable part of their career.
Being eminent is always appealing. Having a fancy life, stylish clothes, comfortable fast cars, luxury houses, first class travels and most of all being in the news publicity makes everyone curious about celebrities’ lives.
Famous personalities prefer to get attention from public by remaining in news on big screen. It is commonly perceived that they do not have privilege to withhold media from sharing their personal life on programs. I totally disagree with this statement as it might negatively impact on their viewers.
The aforementioned is a view commonly held belief that celebrities make extravagant earnings from the attention whilst this might be true to a limited extent. But, in a general scenario most celebrities do not have huge earnings. I would certainly like to disagree with the opinion. We reside in a democratic country where citizens have right to do whatever they see fit.
The vast majority of people believe that celebrities become rich due to the public spotlight and they should not complain about the media interfering with their privacy. This essay agrees with such a viewpoint partially and firstly it will discuss the consequences of being popular. Secondly, the fact that fame should not disturb a private life even in the case of celebrities.
Nowadays, the entertainment industry is more and more developing thanks to the help of social media. Some people believed that celebrities have a good living standard is based on the public spotlight and that why they have no right to complain the public is violating their privacy. This essay aims to disagree with the above notice and give some arguments to rebuttal it.
It is apparent that being famous persons such as celebrities and superstars will get a lot of attention from everyone. Some people believe that all popular people have to sacrifice their private life as their duty is being a public person, and they have to accept these conditions without any complaints, whereas, my opinion contradicts this viewpoint. In the following paragraphs, the reason supporting my idea will be discussed in detail.
Unlike private citizens, celebrities need to attract media attention in order t promote their work. Some people believe that instead of fame, they don't have the right to private life. In my opinion, all humans deserve equal treatment.
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