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Dear Raman, I hope you're feeling well Now and I am sure you are getting very best treatment from the hospital and will be totally fine after a few days. I am writing this letter in
I hope that you get well soon. I came to know about your ligament tear injury from Julia. I felt so sad when I heard that you could not participate in the cricket match last saturday as your doctor has advised you to rest for one month. I know that you ar
I am so sorry to hear about your incident and hope you are feeling better now. I am writing this letter to share that our team Chennai Sharks XI won the tournament last week. It was a tight match, which you missed.
I am so sad that you couldn't help us last weekend when we played in the regional finals. I wonder how are you feeling since I heard you have seriously injured your leg.
I am sorry I haven't written to you since the last week. I was waiting for you to feel better after the unfortunate accident you had last Saturday. I am writing this letter to keep updated you on the latest game which was organized in the university's pla
How are you? I was planning to come and see you in the hospital, but your parents insisted that you need more time to recover. Anyway, I have some great news for you about the latest game.
Hope this letter finds you well and I am writing this letter with mixed emotions as you are recovering well sooner than expected which is really great to hear. However, we decided to play the last match without and finally we had a nail-biting match with
I’m writing this letter to tell you about the cricket match that happened last weekend at Wimbley stadium. I really felt that your absence from the team made us really sorry for how much you were excited to play the game. I need to inform you that our tea
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