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In contemporary times, a myriad of people living in villages have emigrated to urban areas. Therefore, the population of urban areas has dramatically declined over the period. In my opinion, this has a positive impact co
There is a commonplace case in which some people from any state on all continents prefer to leave suburbs to relocate to urban areas hence the number of inhabitants of the village is diminishing. In my opinion, this phen
As technology and civilization getting more developed, more people would desert suburbs and move into urban cities. In my personal opinion, this is a negative development.
In many developing countries nowadays, the numbers illustrate the tendency of moving to urban so populations are declining in many countryside. That leads to more consequences than positives.
In contemporary word, a trend towards urbanism in the society is noticable. More and more people are leaving the rural areas and are accomodating in the cities. I strongly consider it as a negative phenomenon as it is a
In many countries worldwide, there is a noticeable trend of people leaving rural areas to live in cities, which leads to a decrease in the population of the countryside. This phenomenon has both positive and negative eff
The last 50 years have seen a dramatic increase in the relocation of people from the countryside to urban areas. Although there may be valid arguments to the contrary, in this essay, I would contend that the drawbacks as
Many regions over the globe are witnessing a significant number of residents gravitate toward metropolises, which leads to a drop in the countryside’s population. From my perspective, this change creates negative effects
Undoubtedly, the exodus of rural people to megacities is becoming more and more frequent, leaving countryside under-populated. Personally, I think the movements of rural inhabitants to cities can have negative implicatio
Regarding to the advance development of cities, more and more people prefer to live in the city instead of countryside. It is true that the raise of urban population can boost country economy, I still believe that it is
Nowadays, there is a trend that more and more people want to live in cities, rather than the countryside. Personally, I think it is a negative development in both areas.
In today's era, more and more people who live in the countryside are moving to the city, leading to the consequence of decreasing population in the rural areas. Personally, this writer believes that it is a positive deve
Urbanization is happening in a lot of countries. The movement of population from rural areas to the cities is a good sign of people’s awareness of educational and economical needs. It means that young people are striving
In the modern era, the villages have a small population and also decrease over time and it happens because many individuals who live in there have moved to the urban city recently. Personally, I think this is a negative
In contemporary epoch, a large proportion of the population is moving to metropolitian areas due to which the percentage of people residing in villages is reducing continously. I wholeheardly believe that it is a negativ
The number of people residing in sub-urban areas is declining in most countries as a result of migration to urban areas. Such a phenomenon might happen for a number of reasons and can cause both advantages and disadvanta
These days due to some factors society tends to live in the urban areas, as a result, a significant portion of people who live in villages have decided to leave their rural areas and move into the cities, consequently,
In recent years, due to the availability of improved transportation, people often migrate from rural areas to urban areas as a result the population in the village is declining.In my opinion, people moving to the cities
Migration of people from rural to urban area has become comman worldwide, which results into the low number of people in the countryside. This essay will demonstrate that this is overall negative development because ther
A lot of countries are witnessing that the people who live in countrysides are emigrating to cities, hence the population of countrysides is reducing. I believe that this is a negative phenomenon, and I will inspect that
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