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Most of the country's Population have been increasing year after year. Moreover, there has been an ennumerous increase in the number of houses because of the increase in population. Due to the lack of space for new building, people choose countryside to furnish their dream house. Some of the people who are very nostalgic choose those types of places for their homes. Some people argue that, protection of countryside is very important and don't allow to build homes in country side.
In the modern world, countryside can be termed as the only source of fresh air. The urban areas do not have much space for plants, trees. The residences in the urban areas are small and are always crowded. Due to lack of space, there are less trees and air is polluted. Some people believe that we should protect our countryside and I strongly agree with the statement.
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At the moment that problem is very actually. A lot of people need houses but there same people live in the countryside and love there way of the life. My opinion is that people who live in countryside have old outlook on life because they do not want live in the city and they like everything old. But also I understand them because they live next to nature and these are already different emotions and feelings. First, nature is beautiful, for example, in the morning you can go out and have a look at the nice sunrise. Secondly, it is a fresh air, if you look at it from a point of view ecology then living in such place is delightful. In the third, these are sounds: no loud cars and sounds of signals, but only the sounds of birds are the sounds of the wind. But I understand people who need houses and if a lot of people can fit in high-rise buildings. You always have to sacrifice something. People can fit everything if they save space and do not build separate one-story houses.
House ownership is becoming increasingly popular. It is argued by some people that in many areas, construction of buildings for homes is necessary, but vacant spaces are only available in rural centres, others are of the believe that the countryside should be protected by not building new houses there. In my opinion, I do not support the view that non-urban areas should be shielded from constructing of modern houses because this will not allow for infrastructural development as well as can lead to the backwardness of such environment.
Due to an increasing population in many countries the demand of infrastructure such as building houses is also rising. In many areas, to cope with the demand of houses, space availability for houses is merely in the rural region. Although some believe that it is more critical to safe the countryside by not building homes there, in my view, I disagree with this assertion and this essay will discuss reasons for it.
In modern life, the big number of human beings are day by day higher, and obviously, the phisycal space is everyday less available. New homes, buildings and properly constructions for daily family life, are getting finished in the city, and people start to thing more and more in countryside. This essay is going to treat about this new problematic, is correct to start to build in countrysides or it is better to keep the natural views and landscapes?.
Nowadays, it has been observed that a certain number of places which required new houses to accommodate the people, but the open space is only available the outside of the metro cities for building new homes. A lion’s share of masses ponders that it is must to protect the suburb instead of the conurbation. I agree with the central idea of statement and the following paragraphs would highlight my personal perspectives along with apt example.
Nowadays, there is lots of chaos in the suburbs, people prefer moving countryside and due to increase in the population the real estate firms want high rise buildings rather than homes in the suburbs which take up lots of space and lead to less space and congestion.
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