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Vegan is one of the diets that gained significant popularity lately, especially among the health conscious individuals. Aside to saying no to meat, vegan is one step further of not eating animal related food produce such
The discussion about whether countries should prioritize domestic cooking production or rely more on cuisine imports has been ongoing. Some argue for self-sufficiency and prefer advocating for embracing less global trade
It is a responsibility of a nation to produce all food which inhabitants eat there and a reduction in imports of the food should be promoted. I believe that this is more likely to bring many benefits for the community an
Complete inland food production and little imports is a popular idea among certain sections of the society. These people argue that imports put pressure on the government; therefore, countries should be self-sufficient i
There is an ongoing debate on whether or not a country should import food. Some people argue that it is not a positive choice and countries should focus on producing their own food. However, I do not agree with this opin
Country's main responsibility is to feed all of the citizens, and to ensure this requirement is fulfilled, need to be sure enough to grow enough food to meet the demand, and if this is not possible, the continent has to
It is often argued that universities should give the students the necessary skills and knowledge needed for a job, whereas some feel that these institutions should educate only what is in their curriculum. I believe, it
A part of every country growth depends upon the import and export of goods between them. Some people have an opinion that every country must keep all the food consumption for their people welfare because import has to be
Most of the people think that a nation should be self sufficient in growing their own crops for the entire residents, thereby reducing the import of food items to as less as it could be. However, I disagree with it becau
These days in modern life, a growing number of people assert that every country all over the world should be independent in food production for all residents eat. It is believed that only essential ingredients should be
Whether we are ought to endure with negative circumstance or fight against with it and even find the solution to overcome it has been widely discussed around people. Some may hold that when we are physically disable, we
food is very important part of live life and the producing food for all population is always a hot topic. while some people argue that all kind of food produce by ourselves and less to import food by other countries. how
In our modern age international trading is easy as it never was before, therefore we can find a variety of foods from all over the world on the grocery store shelves. Although some people think that every country should
In our modern age international trading is much easier than it was before, therefore we can find a variety of foods from all over the world on the grocery store shelves. Although some people think that every government s
There are arousing opinion about countries should keep all their food products interstate and depend the least on imported products. While many countries want to reduce dependence on imported products to minimize and max
It is a common belief that ensuring adequate food for all population always a hot topic during centuries. While some people agree that the country should produce all kinds of food for their residents instead of getting a
A lot of people are of the opinion that individual countries ought to limit the import of food to a minimum and grow their own food to feed its populace. Personally, I agree with this assertion completely as it helps imp
Dependency on food produced by other countries is becoming increasingly popular. It is considered by many that nations should locally cultivate food for the citizens to consume and purchase few food items. From my viewpo
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