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Over the past two decades, motorways or highways have become the most useful transportation method over the world and no country is an exception to it. Governments are spending billions of money to develop new motorways. However, it is a known fact that this trend comes with some cons attached to it. In this essay, I will discuss about drawbacks with expressway and will try to come up with few possible solutions.
These days people likes to travel fast and to avoid long ways because of that many of them are using Motorways.A long with the advantages of this Motorways. Also there is some disadvantages as the air pollution and the high possibility of accident . There are some solustions for this problems which should be implemented to at lest reduce the dangers of this
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Invention of motorways has significantly helped in reducing amount of time required for covering long distances. But, like every other human invention, motorways have caused a lot of problems. This essay will discuss the problems that arise due to motorways and the possible solutions.
Although, the highway is a reliable source to cut down a long distance in quick time for the people, it also cause several issues to them. This essay will discuss few drawbacks and related solutions of it.
It is true that there is a plethora of advantages which highways might undoubtedly benefit, especially shortening commuting time from people. Nevertheless, it is argued that the freeways have several adverse impacts on the environment and society as the whole. My twofold essay will demonstrate these issues in details and figure out some measures.
Nowdays people like to travel fast and they avoid long ways. Whereas there is some disadvantages as air pollution and high possibilities of accidents. Let us discuss some solutions for reducing problems and dangers of motorways.
Nowadays, governments are building various types of motorways, especially in urban areas. Although such travel system can help increase traffic flow and improve a country’s economy, it causes serious problems. Issues that result from motorways are critical issues and need to be addressed and tackled sooner than later.
In many countries, Motor cars are mainly used to cover a long distance quickly. Nowadays, Many people are using Cars and bikes to travel. But, many problems are caused while using motor ways. This essay will give some causing problem while using highways and roads.
In the modern era, an increase in the number of vehicles is a major concern across the countries. With each passing day, people spend a lot of time while travelling, that really made their lives complicated, there is enough chance for improvement. Huge numbers of people do react differently because of traffic problem. The essay will discuss the topic in a broader manner.
Nowadays, for travelling short distance also people depend on motor vehicles. Although this has many demerits, the advantages outweigh it. This essay will examine the topic in detail with relevant examples in the following paragraphs.
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Motorways are one of the major means of transportation all over the globe. Most of the people from the world use it to travel over short and long distances. Even from low to high profile peoples use it to address their needs as well as their crowds. Although, this means of transportation infrastructure has a lot to offer, it also leaves us with downsides. Among ,them one of the major is the impact on the natural habitat of wild animals and living creatures. Similarly, it also increases the pollution level in the nearby surroundings. These are discussed further below and the possible solutions will be provided with their detailed study.
Nowadays, the necessity of a swift transportation route is inevitable, which can be addressed with the establishment of motorways. Yet, there remain some significant debate about the overall impacts of these new routes. I will discuss some of the common effects of this improvement and present some practical solutions for it.
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