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The advent of technology has brought about easy access to any information due to the availability of technologically driven devices such as smart phones. Inspite of this development, there are a number of demerits this has brought which include, people having a boring social life as well as becoming practically lazy. In this essay, the disadvantages associated with smart devices would be discussed.
In today’s world, the technology has developed to a great extent providing people with advanced smart devices. The technology has compressed the whole world into the smart devices. But with this progress came along many disadvantages including the easy access to everything before appropriate age and misuse of medications.
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In modern world smart phones or smart devices are quite common and easily accessible by the masses. It has several advantages, however, one cannot overlook the negative aspect of these devices. Unsegregated information and privacy are some of the major concerns which I will be illustrating further.
In this day and age, we can easily access any information through our fingertips. We can look up an in-depth subject such as medicine, history, and economy without going to the library. However, there are some downsides to having the world's information in an instant such as making us lazy and anti-social.
In the current world with the help of mobile phones and various other smart devices, people are able to access several useful contents from all over the world. This essay will discuss the benefits and the drawback outlined by using smart devices.
People today are capable of connecting to the internet through the use of their mobile phones. This enables society to have access to a vast amount of information. Even though there are plenty of benefits, such as interconnectivity between people and the spreading of knowledge, there are some drawbacks that are linked to this innovation. To illustrate this, the spread of fake news and the mental health of the users will be analysed.
People today are capable of accessing the internet through their mobile smart device. This puts them in touch with an extremely large amount of information. Although this trend has many positive ramifications, such as inter connectivity between people and the spreading of understanding, it is not without drawbacks. To illustrate this, the effect smart devices have on their user’s memory and privacy will be analysed.
Internet surfing has been made readily available through apply gadgets, as we can see in our daily living. These gadgets have obviously made data available and our lives easier. Despite that, there are also drawbacks to this technological advancement. This essay aims to enumerate the drawbacks as presented in our society.
Technology has shrunk the world into a global village. It enables us to know an incident in any corner of the world within seconds. Intelligent gadgets such as phones and laptops have enabled a portable use of internet resources. Although these advantages are undeniably useful, there is also a need to discuss the unavoidable disadvantages that come as by-products to this development.
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