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These days many people believe that children can actually benefit by spending time on television, video and computer games which are products of technological advancement. In my opinion, such games in the virtual world has limited utility with respect to development of children.
In the recent days, we can see the presence of television and computer in almost every house accessed by every member of the family. But, children are the one who is the competent users of these, which has both positive and negative effects on them. So, firstly let us look out the reasons for both the effects and arrive with a conclusion.
Children today spend hours watching television and playing computer and video games. They spend pace over gadgets and find it more entertaining. In my opinion, there are both negative and positive effects of technology in the growth of children. I strongly believe that, there are several benefits in this, as digital life is becoming friendlier to them, but they are reducing the physical activities which are not considered as a healthy style of living.
Over the past few years,with the invention and popularization of new technologies, current generation tends to differ from the people who belonged to the olden era in many ways.While,many people have voiced their opinion that the time kids invest in watching the television and playing video games can be harmful to them,others don't agree and believe that these can be beneficial.I believe although,there are many benefits to the above mentioned activities, certain drawbacks should be considered.
Nowadays, television, video and computer games play a key role in child's life. Few people believe that children who are spending time on television and video or computer games will be more benefited, others think this has harmful effects on them. Here, we are going to discuss how they can gain knowledge and can become sharp thinkers by using them as well as drawbacks such as addiction, obesity, impact on studies and exposure to harmful content.
Nowadays, an increasing number of parents are concerned about the time that their kids spend on electronic personal devices. Some people state that these devices with the Internet can bring many benefits to children, but on the other hand, there are also downsides. It is necessary to look at both arguments before forming an opinion.
It is a true fact that many masses think that spending time on electronic gadgets such as, television, video and computer games can be helpful for children while, some other people believe that these thinks take bad impact on children physically and mental life. In this essay l will discuss both view with relevant reasons in following paragraphs and describe my own view.
There is currently a contentious argument whether electronic devices are should be considered as a benefit to youth or not. In this essay, I will examine both sides and then explain why I believe how these equipment are good for children's' development.
Visual entertainment is becoming an integral part of everyone's life. It is often thought that spending more screen time is advantageous for adolescent children. However, others believe that such a medium is causing a bad effect. In this essay , I will discuss the reason for their views and explain why I feel it to be a negative trend.
It is true that some people assume that time spent on TV programms , video and computer games can be useful to children while others believe that this has a negative effect on children.Personally, I believe that spending too much time on television and vi
In these modern times, children are inclined toward the digital world, where, they have easy access to it. It is argued that some people think that usage of these digital platforms is useful to kids, however, others believe in another way. This essay will be addressing both views separately.
Watching tv and playing computer games are two of the most important children’s leisure activities. However, whether they bring more harm than good has caused heated debate. My view is that too much time spent on these surely has negative impacts on kids and parents have to sort out the appropriate programs for children and curb these activities.
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