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There is an argument that centres on people do not need to go to the cinema by which to enjoy the movies at home or films are fully performance at movie theatres. Even though many smart gadgets could give opportunities to see movies at anywhere, in my opinion, I highly believe it is better to be seen in the cinema.
Different people have different preferences regards where to watch films. Some people prefer going to the cinemas while others prefer watching on their phones. From my perspective, I prefer going to the cinema.
The possibility of watching cinema premiered movies on phones and other gadgets is becoming increasingly popular. Some are of the opinion that with this recent innovation the need to go to see movies at the cinema is unnecessary while others believe that to enjoy movies one needs to go to the cinema. This essay will discuss why seeing movies on phones is good but why seeing movies at cinmea is more enjoyable.
It is considered by some that our generation has a possibility of watching movies on devices like iPod, laptops and so on, while there are others who argued that it is the necessity to watch a movie in a movie theatre to be completely relished. In my opinion, I believe that watching movies on devices or by visiting a cinema depends on the nature of a person.
A few people believe that, due to increase in technology and advancement, mobile phones and tablets should be preferred to watch a movie with an easy access. In contrast, some say cinema houses are more suitable, they provide wider screen, clear vision and more audibility other than electronic gadgets. In my strong conviction, it depends on person to person according to their requirements and resources.
While a few proponents of the mobile technology opine that watching movies in smartphones is more pertinent than sitting physically in a movie theatre, others protested because only an ambiance of a cinema hall can show a film to enjoy. This will essay will discuss both the views.
It is argued by some that movies can be watched by the means of gadgets such as tablets and smartphones, and there is no point to go to the movie theatres, however, others disagree. In this essay both views will be discussed and I will express my opinion at the end.
Technology has brought in a luring twist in this fast-paced world. A section of society is convinced that movies can be enjoyed on our phones and tablets and there is no need to go to the theatre. Whereas, others tend to differ from this thought, as they believe that films are ought to be watched in a cinema for enjoying the same completely. In my opinion, I agree with the latter school of thought.
In recent times, many people argue that, since the handheld devices can be used to watch films, Cinema can be avoided. However, there is another school of thought, which says that films must be enjoyed in cinema. Now, this essay would discuss both the arguments and would conclude by giving my point of view.
It is claimed by some that the availability of technological gadgets such as laptops, mobiles and tablets have facilitated people to watch movies at home instead of going to the theatre. Whereas, others disagree and claim that watching films at the cinemas would provide ultimate cinematographic experience. I am an advocate of the latter as it would take the viewer to another level of experience.
Nowadays many individuals believe that they may watch movies using their modern devices and it is not necesarry to visit a cinema at all. However, huge fans of films are sure that it is important to visit a cinema to get absolutely satisfied. Frankly speaking, in my point of view watching of films on a big screen with high-quality sound is more memorable, enjoyable and impressing way of watching compared to using phone or tablet.
It is argued that there is no need to attend cinemas at present time because everyone could watch films on their gadgets. At the same time other people say that only cinema could give complete satisfaction of watching films. This essay agrees with first statement in case of using not only mobile devices for watching a content but also a TVs.
It is undeniable that making movies accessible on smart phones or tablets is revolutionary. Nevertheless, some people still prefer to watch movies in the cinema. In my opinion, I still believe that watching a movie in the cinema is more entertaining.
Nowadays, due to the possibility of watching movies in every smart device it has been argued that going to the cinema is unnecessary, others believed that in order to appreciate completely a movie there is nothing like watching it at the cinema.The fact of the matter is that both options have their advantages and disadvantages which are discussed below.
Mobile phones and other portable devices has made it much easier for us to watch films and television series of our choices. But, in my opinion, it is impossible to replace movie theatres even after the advent of technological gadgets as cinema theatres give much more enjoyable experience to people than any other mode of motion picture entertainment.
Nowadays, a portion of society agree that there is no purpose to watch movies in the cinema while thay can enjoy it by using smart gadgets. Another portion of society differs from the statement and thinks that in order to fully fascinated there is no alternative to watch a movie in the theatre. In this essay, I am going to shed some lights on both views and provide my own thoughts.
An issue facing many big cities contemporarily is that a quiet number of people have been turned into bingewatch of netflix movies and online cinema on electronic gadgets in spite of booking theater tickets. Therefore, it is always a dilemma of which one is most entertaining and convenient in terms of time. Personally, I believe that glacing movie is advantageous in theatres but handy smartphones and tablets definitely saves our time and are cost-effective.
Cinemas have been considered the place of entertainment since long time, and many people still prefer them for enjoying their free time. In my view, watching movies on a personal device is much more convenient and budget friendly.
Going out to cinemas for watching movies or staying at the house to get entertained has been an epicentre of discussion including social media. Some echelons of society hold the perception that finding time to watch out of home and other opine contrary . I wish to juxtapose the given facts and conduct an analysis to frame quintessential verdict to outline the various pertinent perspectives relevant to the topic.
There is some dispute on whether there is any need to go to the cinema to enjoy movies in this era of technical advances namely computers and tabs. In my opinion, the method of entertainment people opts for, depends on individual taste and other determinants such as time and money.
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