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A few individuals opine that watching sports does not add any value, but instead is a complete waste of ample time. I partially agree with this idea as watching sports can come out to be both beneficial or disadvantageous for anyone depending on the amount of time spent on watching.
Seeing the telecasted sport matches, when we are free, is considered useless by a few of us. I strongly agree with this fact since most of them involve a lot of gambling and it is widely used for promoting certain brands.
The pie charts compare the percentage of money received by a the USA charity from various sources and , how these moneies spent in 2016.
There are plenty of options available to select from, for a person who want to spend his spare time. However, while some people believe that watching sports is waste of time, I agree wth those who argue that spending leisure time is matter of personal choice and watching sports should not be excluded from it.
In today's world, watching sport is gaining popularity day by day. Some people consider it as a time waste while others do not. I express my disgreement for the aforementioned statement due to 2 main advantages of utilising your leisure time. Watching sport not only improves your team skill, but also help you in becoming a better person by teaching you discipline and improving your decision making skills. This essay will discuss the pros of watching sports in free time.
According to some people, spending free time by watching sport is just killing precious time. It is important to consider the pluses and minuses of watching sports. I partially disagree with this opinion as watching sport can be very beneficial.
It is a general perception that watching sport is a complete waste of free time that ‎can otherwise be utilized in other important works. I am not wholly in agreement ‎with the above-said view. In an essay, I will focus on how watching sports helps ‎develop a human being by giving examples.‎‏
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