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Games are one of the most effective way to feel refreshed and energetic. Some students follows physical games, while other prefers playing by means of computer. In this essay, I will express my view to explain the reason behind this and what could be done to overcome this problem.
Sports are becoming less popular in comparison to video games among certain students. This essay will first, discuss that the main cause for this is that they are not educated in schools about the problems from paying video games and further, it will outline that this issue can be solved by including physical activity subject in the school curriculum.
Playing online games is a more preferable activity for many students rather than participating sports. Modern computer games attract children’s attention themselves through their affordable cost and easy access. Although it is difficult to find a define solution to this, roles of family and school are crucial to deal with this phenomenon.
The younger generation spends more time on computer games than doing physical activity. Nowadays student spends enough number their time on digital games rather than sports. This essay will describe the probable measurement to be taken to control and encourage the children about the importance of mobilisation and sports activities.
In the era of technology, a majority of scholars love to play computerized games rather than go for physical activities. Although there is a number of reasons why these games are influencing children more than sports, parents and caretakers can handle the
Computer games are gaining attention from young generation due to easy access, interesting story modes, and virtual adventure it involves. This trend has adversely affected the get in towards physical sports activities, which have caused severe problems. In this essay, I have derived a few reasons for this behavioural change and applicable solutions.
It is quite common that many students to choose to play computer games instead of doing sports. This essay will discuss why and gives some methods to finish the problem.
The problem of spending hours in front of a screen rather than recreational activities for the growth of the student was always debatable and now has become controversial. Some people believe that students should contribute their time to sports which will
Indeed, technology brought tremendous changes in human life. Irrefutably, mobile and computers one of most essential part of technology. Due to it, in the contemporary era, most of pupils prefer to play video games rather than playing outdoor activities. Behind this phenomenon have various reasons. By putting some steps this problem can mitigate. Which I will shed light in my upcoming paragraphs.
Nowadays, some heir is more inclined towards playing games on machines rather than playing in the actual ground. The foremost reason is the lack of resources and less availability of playing grounds. There are serval ways to counter these scenarios which
Physical activities have always been part of the educational system and integral to promoting health, competitiveness, and teamwork. Nowadays, students would prefer to play video games instead. In this essay, I will talk about the cause and possible remedies to it.
Today's technologically advanced world, more children prefer to play indoor exercise with electronic gadgets rather than outdoor games in the field. There are many factors that account for this trend, and various measures can be implemented to tackle this
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