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The given table provide information about the numbers of people who visited Ashdown Museum before and after the refurbished process that happened in the museum while the supplied pie charts measure the level of satisfaction of the visitors in both times.
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The table presents data about how many visitors Ashdown Museum had, one year before and one year after it was modernized, while the pie chars illustrate the survey reports of how pleased were the visitors, during their visit, in the same timeframe.
The table given illustrates the the number of the overall population visiting the Ashdown musuem before and after the refurbishment of the museum. The two pie charts provide insight into the results of the survey that portrays the satisfaction of the visitors of the museum during the same two periods.
The given table demonstrates the count of visitors who came to the Ashdown museum throughout the year of its renovation, before and after. The pie chart illustrates the survey outcome which was done by interviewing comers about their satisfaction before renovation and after.
In the given table the comparison of the number of visitors of Ashdown Museum has been stated on the basis the refurbishment’s before and after year visits. Apart from this in both of the given pie charts, the satisfactory level of the visitors has been placed based on the results of the surveys.
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