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I am just enrolled in the computer programming course. The course is comprised of empirical work as well as theoretical subjects. My course will start on September 21, so if it is possible, I will check in on September 20. I need accommodation for a perio
I am writing with regards to the vacancy available on campus for apartment No.235. I have applied for Hackathon workshop at University of Sydney which will take place for 4 weeks starting September 2nd to September 29th. I am planning to arrive on September 1st so that I prepare myself beforehand for the workshop.
My name is Artem Altukhov and I am a student of the Computer science course which is starting in September. I was instructed to reach you and discuss the details of my temporary apartment.
I am James Muir, a final year computer science graduate student from the University of San Jose, United States. I am excited to write this letter to seek additional information about my accommodation for the crash course at the University of Oxford.
I'm thrilled by hearing that it has selected me for the HR short course that applied through your college website. As per the instructions, I have already booked my air tickets to be there two days prior to the course commencement date, which is 12th April 2022. And I hope to return within two days after the course finishes.
I am John young , I am writing this letter about my accommodation while attending my Master's degree in Christchurch University. I will join the academic season from July 22 to June 24 . i have not yet finalized my accommodation where I am going to stay.
I hope you are doing well. My name is Mauricio Vargas and I am a student of Diploma Project Manager in Sydney´s Campus. However, I am going to participate in a course of Financial Management in Perth. Therefore, I am writing to request a habitation due to I do not have any familiar living there.
My name is Sunny. I am going to start my Hospitality course coming January. I haven't been to Montreal before. I will reach via a flight on 01/01/2023. I just wanted to know some basic information that I need to know to settle down quickly without any pro
My name is Artem Altukhov and I am starting the Computer Science course in September. I have never studied at Montreal State college and, to be honest, I have never been to Montreal before, that is why I would like to clarify some details to be fully awar
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