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I hope you are in the pink of health I am writing this letter to express my interested to apply to your local store I have seen it on LinkedIn .
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I am writing this letter to respond to an advertisement which was placed on our university's wall. To write the truth these days I am a student. Unfortunately, I prefer work. I study at a university called Tashkent State
I found that you are looking for a cashier, I came to know this in last Sunday's jobs magazine. And you mentioned qualifications in the post, is match me. So, I'm interested to apply for this job.
The line graph provides the number of participants who attended in Olympics from 1924 till 2012, while the bar chart displays the figure of participants Separately by their gender at this duration.
I am ecstatic to write this letter as I have seen an advertisement for open positions for a few software engineers at your company. In addition, I found the same news even in the Facebook marketplace with the number of
I am writing this letter about a job offer in your department store which I am interested to join. I am going to tell you about my education and why I am a suitable candidate for this job.
I am writing this letter regarding a job opportunity at your organisation, KL-27 Departmental Store, upon learning it from an advertisement published in a gazette newspaper.
I am Angelica Sumampong, after having seen your advertisement that was put in the newspaper two days ago, I would like to apply for a position as a customer service representative at your department.
I am writing a letter regarding the jobs which you have advertised in the local newspaper as I am haunting job column the I noticed that you have a lot of options. Furthermore, I would like to do the job in the departmen
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