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I am Rose Ann Dagmang, currently holding a titanium master card with your bank.Mmy credit card number is 523482358124695 which have a credit limit of AED15, 000. The card has been in my possession for three years now. I am writing in reference to the cred
I am Jane Edison, a loyal customer of your bank for the past three years. I am penning down this letter to complain about the recent transactions of purchasing expensive mobile phones using my credit cards, internationally.
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This is zunaira faiz, one of your priority customer and works for a bank too.Last night I was checking my bank statement of ABC bank,I hooked up with a surprising transaction which hit me badly.So,yes I am online shopping lover and I have been listed your
My name is Sharath Ravirakula, a long-running customer at your bank. I am using your platinum member credit card and I received last month's statement. I was incredulous after looking bill, as it was very high. I reported the loss of my card the previous
I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Serag Mounir and I have been an old customer of your bank since 2010. I am writing to complain about the last statement which listed that I have purchased some valuable items.
I have a bank account in your bank with the name of Nick Wills and account number X34362435. I am writing this letter to inquire about the bank statement of the credit card which is issued for last month's transaction.
Hope you are doing well. My name is Sandeep Kaur and I am a customer of Scotia Bank for 2 years. As you know, my credit is quite good. Recently, I received a credit card statement which indicates that an amount is due on my card which I spent on some lux
My name is Ramyen Sangheran, customer number:87652. I am writing this letter complaint fradulant transactions which I found in the monthly credit card statement that I received for October 2022.
I Naga Swetha, have been maintaining a credit card in your bank for the last three years, the card number is 5247 9818 0007 0954 and recently upgraded to a Coral credit card. I received a credit card statement for the month of January 2023. However, I wou
My name is Emma Stone and I am writing this letter in regard to a letter I have just received from the bank, warning me about some unusual purchases in a baby store named "Babay Star" that have been made under my account, with a total amount of 2,000$ dur
I am writing this letter to you regarding my credit card statement that I received last week.Firstly Maha,I am maintaining a savings account with your reputed bank in Jurong Branch.
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