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My name is Sonia. I am a member of your library. There are many facilities available in the library and I like most of them. Collections of the books are wwonderfuln the bookstore such as historic notes, psychology, musi
I am writing this letter after seeing a notice which was posted outside your library, in which you have asked for some opinions about improving services and facilities. I would like to give you honest feedback and some r
My name is Sejal Patel, it has been more than five years since I am using the public library. The main endeavour of writing this letter is to present my opinion about the library.
I am really excited about this part of the improvements.I am one of your regular users of this library .In fact, since my early childhood I loved to visit this centre. There are a lot of books which are rare to get outsi
I am writing this letter to make a few suggestions to the library in my community. Although the library has a great collection of literature and services offered a change to the ambience of the library itself is necessar
I am writing to let you know that I am very content with the collection of books the library offers to read. It almost covers a wide range of genres from romance, mystery, politics, motivational, history, mythology to li
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