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It can be said that the health and lifestyle of people around the world has changed in recent years. This essay disagrees with the idea that our newly changed habitats have brought harmful effects to the younger generation.
Recently, there are campaigns from the non-profit organization placing emphasis about the cleanliness of the neighborhood and apartments. It is believed that the house owners should manage their place in a conducive state. However, some refute to that notion and stated that the government should be the one plays the part to the sanitation of surrounding neighborhood. In my opinion, the cleanness of the place completely depends on the resident as the government could not always monitor the p...
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In this era of globalization, the world has changed drastically in many ways. Due to this reason, people these days, pre-planned their future in the present time. However, others argue that it is useless to think of what is happening in the future as being in the now is more important. I strongly disagree with that notion as preparing ahead of time is as crucial as the present.
A large section of the society thinks that it is more effective if all criminal punishments are fixed. This essay will first suggest that timesaving and quick justice is a primary benefit for the public, while unfair evaluation of criminals is the main drawback.
It is crystal clear that, many of the dangerous animals are about going extinct, while others are being threatened out of existence. This essay would discuss threats, fear and poor government policies as causes, and suggest how good orientation with better governments policies as solutions to this unfortunate trend.
Indeed young ones get easily affected by behavioural traits. It is seen that peer groups put a tremendous impact on behaviour.
Environmental problem has become a major issue in both developed and undeveloped countries. Some individuals share the view that this problems can be reduced by raising the cost of petrol for cars and other vehicles. I strongly agree with this view because this would result in less cars on the road leading to less environmental hazards such as smoke inhalation and also lead to increase economy.
Due to the change in the lifestyle, people are evolving themselves from two wheelers to the automobiles. Some are of the opinion that it has more benefits and is making their life convenient. I partially accord with this notion.
In the recent days, teenagers waste much time to keep their eyes glued into computer games and lack of time to work-out. I do believe that this growth is negative due to the drawbacks which have been brought to human life.
It is agrued by some that the cost involved in preserving and retaining public libraries is unnecessary considering the internet can now peform their functions. In my opinion, I believe that the internet has taken away the usefulness of libraries and the essence of maintaining public libraries has been defeated.
Alternative sources of energy is increasingly gaining popularity this days. It is extremely essential for government to boost this essential needs for her citizen. This essay will argue why promotion of power supply should be urgently provided by the government rather than an individual or a cooperate body alone.
In recent years, climate change climbs the political agenda of different western countries. Some people believe that developed countries should act to combat global warming, others consider that since climate change affects the whole planet; thus there is the need to have a global action.
In some companies of the developed countries the top-level positions are handled by men, although the female workforce is the majority. In my opinion, it would be biased if the companies mandatorily allocate a certain number of high-level positions to women.
When someone is a public figure, either a well-known cinema artist or a great player of the time, it can be beneficial and troublesome at times. In my opinion, it is tougher to lead a regular life in terms of privacy and freedom of everyday lifestyle for a star.
Wealth is a blessing that everyone desires to have. A number of individuals are of the opinion that the primary significance of it is the ability to be charitable. I completely disagree with this view as not all wealthy people like to share their finances, they will rather take care of their needs which is of more importance to them.
Nowadays, the business of sports as a lucrative industry has been receiving a great deal of public attention. In my opinion, although this trend is not without disadvantages, it brings more benefits to be considered a positive development.
The question of what to prioritize for guiding school-age children in schools has been hotly debated over the last half century, with some believing that more focus should be paid to history rather than other subjects. While there are strong arguments on both sides of the discuss, I strongly agree that science and technology are of more great importance.
Many authorities all over the world already pay attention on developing new resources of energy to replace the old ones;However, it seems not enough hence there are some ideas that they should try harder to encourage producers. In my point of view, i totally support this viewpoint because of some reasons i will mention underneath.
Certain individuals are of the opinion that information from the ancient times is of no importance to our current life, while others think that this data has a significance in our present life. There are reasons for both views, but i stand with the latter.
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