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Art classes like painting and drawing play an important role in developing children as other subjects like painting and drawing and the majority of think that it should be compulsory in high schools. This writer totally agrees with this statement because it can improve emotional expression and gain cultural awareness.
Many assumptions suggest that taking risks in both professional lives and personal lives is crucial. I totally favour the benefits that it brings back. Taking risks can help people to enhance their confidence in some way. Besides, it also supports the growth of children in their studies.
Every subject in high school has its purposes and advantages for student development. Many people argue that art is also important to be taught in high schools. From my observation, I strongly agree with this statement due to the increase in creativity and future jobs.
The issue of waste management has become increasingly critical as the volume of waste generated by households continues to grow. This essay will examine the necessity of such laws and explore whether legislation is effective means to enhance recycling efforts.
It is thought by some people that the highest scores students should be rewarded while others argue that it could be better to give prizes to learners who show their progress. In this essay, both viewpoints will be outlined before reaching a conclusion.
In The modern world there is more than just being good in a specific field of work. Many employers wish to have people in their team who cannot only properly do a specific job but can also easily get along with others. This stems from a desire to create a positive work environment and the possibility that an outgoing person might one day come in handy.
In modern times, some individuals tend to go to health clubs and gyms for exercise, however, others say that light exercising such as walking and climbing stairs is more effective in maintaining their health.
In a highly competitive era, most parents motivate their kids to work in a part-time job. While it is undeniable that having an occupancy can bring numerous benefits, it is equally important to evaluate the potential drawbacks. In this essay, its advantages and disadvantages will be examined.
Each museum has different regulations for the admission fee for visitors, there are museums which free and museums which charge a certain amount of money. Both regulations have advantages and disadvantages and I wholeheartedly disagree that the advantages of admission fees for museum visitors outweigh the disadvantages. It is due to the fact that charging people for free can attract more people to visit the museum which is more important than commercialising it.
Nowadays, in some cultures, parents tell their children to work hard in every condition if their kids really want to attain what they want. This situation has numerous positive influences on kids, like high motivation levels, as well as drawbacks, such as the loser mindset.
Advertising is the key essential part of increasing sales and income of a product. thus, companies always promote their products by mentioning that it has the latest and modest version rather than other products. reason for these kinds of advertising is competition among organizations and the products. I believe that it is a positive development in many aspects.
There are individuals who believe the government should support people's finances after they retire, however, in some societies, preparing for their retirement is a necessity. In my opinion, I agree that the government should have a program to support or prevent old people from financial struggle after retirement due to the fact that old people also have the right to feel financially safe.
There has been a debate on whether the if government should forbid certain life-threatening sports or people should be allowed to practice any activity or sport regardless of how dangerous it might be. I personally believe that certain sports must be banned, if certain people cannot take responsibility for their lives, someone else should. In this essay, I'll discuss both opinions and draw my personal conclusion.
There is an opinion which indicates that technology has affected the relationship between people. the following essay will show some positive and negative points of this issue.
In today's business world, firms often establish dress codes to enhance their professional image. While some argue that employees should have the freedom to dress as they wish, believing it does not impact work performance, others believe that a unified attire policy is essential. I disagree with the notion that employers should not care about how their employees dress, as both the quality of work and professional attire significantly affect a company's image and productivity.
In the present age, whether putting one‘s effort in realizing long-cherished wishes is wiser than ignoring them and choosing more secure path has sparked much debate. Some assert that a dream come true will definitely bring you a sense of happiness whereas other claim the defeat might result in mental and occupational collapse. In my opinion, despite all the difficulties, the acceptance of the risk and working for the goal is of value.
There are some ideas that good news is under-reported, and the media should provide more to the public. I do not think this is a good suggestion and give three main reasons why I totally disagree with it.
In this digital era, a variety of technologies that allow people to access networking sites leads to an easier lifestyle. So some individuals argued that watching television brought children many drawbacks and some did not. This writer is of the opinion that there are many advantages for children who watch television and will explain.
Nowadays many teenagers in many nations decide to live independently and the main reason for this phenomenon is that they want to be free from their parent's restrictions and rules. Some argue that this is a positive development because the child will gain the experience of how to live independently, some would argue that it has a negative impact on the adolescent because they still need supervision from the adult to consider the consequence of their action.
It was a hot trend when people tended to travel to other countries to discover the different issues in their country. However, it is becoming more and more alike to those which are metropolises. This essay will explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and in my opinion, this issue brings more benefits than drawbacks and the reasons will be discussed as follows.
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