IELTS Writing Samples Band 6

Each year some of the languages are running out of life. A few people think that this is not relevant because life will be simpler if there are less number of languages in the world. I totally disagree with this statement because, languages are one of the most unique and amazing feature of a culture or a place. In some places, the language represents the area or even the name of the place would also be similar to the language spoken there, for instance France one of the renowned economy among European countries, the language spoken by people is French, moreover English in England, German in Germany and a huge list is coming up if we look further deep into this subject.
There is a huge challenge in front of our society to decide whether children should involve in paid jobs or not. It is not only a matter of concern for children but also for the country's development. In this essay I am going to compare the gravity of advantages and disadvantages.
Nowadays, many individuals believe that following the traditions by youngsters is essential. But the opponents point out that young generation has a free right. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss both sides of this notion and explain the importance of freedom.
Looking for a modern world, there are a lot of companies that producing rubbish. And it is certainly true that today's lifestyle has become so insensitive and uncivil than ever. The level of garbage produced by us is growing every day. However, every single thing in the world has a reason. A reason to destroy the Earth.
As a result of increased urbanization nowadays, traffic flow in cities intensifies and the cars at rush hours always seem to be bumper to bumper, leading to a higher risk of traffic accidents. Although some people believe introducing a raised minimum age for driving would be the most effective solution, there are more direct approaches to achieve reduced road accidents.
Researchers show that criminals activities are low when pupils have academic degrees. The effective way to reduce crime is to educate criminals while they are still in the prison house; however, in my opinion, educate people always do better in personal and social lives.
Being healthy is essential for people’s prosperity and well-being. Nevertheless, some argue that the level of health would deteriorate in the near future as compared to today while others believe the opposite.
Parental accompaniment has brought high pressure to working parents. Several people opine that children can take the good advantage of extra income from their parents; however, some people may argue that childhood will be affected negatively without spending time with their sons and daughters. In this eassy will discuss both views before my final verdict.
As well known, exercising is an essential part of our personal daily life. Without enough ,exercise our body perhaps has some serious problems,such as sick,exhaust and more negative consequence.However ,according to the data in Google, more than half of people don't have enough training even some populations never do training within several years. Why do most people hate this good thing , the upcoming paragraph will analyse it.
In this development Nation most of the countries car sales are increasing day by day. Many people wish to buy and ride their individual vehicles. There are some advantages for the human while harmful effect on the environment. Still people in dismay about the environmental impacts. In this this essay I will discuss about the environment issues due to using personal vehicles. I will give my opinion end of this essay
Media, pop culture and the environment of children have a main effect on a child's improvement,  while some believe that family's breeding plays the most significant role.In my view, education at home should take the first place in a child's development. Although it should be noted, social media and friends play an individual impact on kids' education.
It is true that many older people believe in traditional values that often seem incompatible with the needs of younger people. While I agree that some traditional ideas are outdated, I believe that others are still useful and should not be forgotten.
There is a speculation said that, in the long future, all land transportation including cars, buses and trucks will become fully automatic or they can self-drive while human can sit inside those vehicles conveniently. Certainly, that condition can lead to both positive and negative impacts, but in my opinion, in the end people will benefit more if that situation become true.
In the 21st century, human life is more complex, where as a group of people succeed in their life without being a good academic background. in this essay, I will explain my opinion and major tips for success in life.
It is argued that a sufficient amount of wealth is a way to have a happy life. On the other hand, there are lots of examples that other values are existing. This essay will discuss both questions and then give my opinion.
It is argued that a sufficient amount of wealth is a way to have a happy life. On the other hand, there are lots of examples that other values are existing. This essay will discuss both questions and then give my opinion.
We all might know that our future is defined by our combined knowledge of our past and present. For this reason, while some people think that the most notable school subject remains for History, others might conversely argue that Science and Technology are more important than History. This essay will discuss both arguments and give a closing opinion about this topic.
Two argumentations are encountered to the most crucial school subject: History, and Science and Technology. Both views have positive and negative perspectives. History has the advantages of learning from the past and knowing the ancient culture worldwide. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of History might be related to memorizing the detail such as date, person, or places, and lacking learning a new skill of technology. In contrast, Science and Technology have positive aspects in terms of learning a new skill that is needed in this era and understanding the current development of science and technology. On the other hand, it has negative aspects of a difficult topic and supporting tools or machines.
There are plenty of casual jobs as well as stable jobs. As well, there are workers looking for a place to set their foot in and stay with certain tranquility, or enjoy life at first having the job as an option that can be changed as it suits. In this essay, I will go through both points of views, and explain why I believe having a job that gives you stability might overcome the freedom of a casual work.