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It is believed by some that hiking the price of fuels, with petrol in particular, will help in curbing vehicular traffic and their subsequent pollution in urban localities. In my opinion, increased fuel prices may prevent people from using vehicles frequently and subsequently, lower traffic issues and vehicle pollution. However, I doubt it will bring any major change to our current situation.
Increasing health problems has been a rising concern across the world. Some of the health problems, mainly raise due to the eating habits and lifestyle of people.Though, some people debate that it is the duty of an individual to reduce the consumption of sugar, whereas, some argue it is the duty of the public body. In my essay I will share both views on this.
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In a present era, many visitors showing their interest to visit troublesome places like Sahara desert or the Antarctic.Tourists get thrills out of them. This essay shall discuss both pros and cons of them.
I received your letter and I learned that you are in a dilemma as to whether you should find a job or join college. I’d suggest that you work for at least a year before you pursue your higher education buddy!
With the advent of urbanisation and rapid rise in the popularity of junk food, obesity has become a severe problem in the developed countries. In this essay, I will be walking through with some important measures that can be auctioned to overcome this issue along with relevant examples.
In today’s mod world, a set of predefined rules & regulations cannot be implemented in all scenarios. This is also true in case of set retirement age of 65 years for all. Thus, I strongly believed that the retirement age should vary according to the job profile.
It is a fact that we are living in the age of the global village, but far away from our cultural and social values. Most of the people believe that our behaviours are becoming anti-social and less respectful towards others. This essay will discuss that shortage of education and time are the causes and put forward steps to resolve that issue.
Some of are the opinion that high school students should have free community services as a mandatory program in their curriculum. In my opinion, community services play a very important part in the development of the children as individuals as well as a team. However, education should be the top priority and any activity hindering it should not be practised upon them.
In the recent times there are various global concerns across the world. However, some people believe the increase in the number of vehicles is the most major concern in comparison with various other problems such as globalisation, health problems, population etc. In my essay, I will share both views.
The homes are the most indispensable aspect of any human being. They provide essentially the shelter and an area where the human can stay safely. Many people have the opinion that building owners are responsible for the assurance standards of a building. In this essay, the reasons why both builders and government are equally responsible for the security of the building are discussed.
Nowadays, students are dealing with high pressure about a large amount of knowledge at university. While there are some negatives to some impacts on them, I would argue that working hard at university is more beneficial development.
Nowadays tourism is the backbone of the economy, tourism plays a vital role in interchanging the different cultures on the planet, some countries encourage the tourism for the development of the municipal area.
In recent times, a large number of countries have increased the population of youths than they did the elderly. I believe this will improve the technological advancement of the country, which will in turn boost economic development and it is more than any drawback that may be considered.
Nowadays, it is observed that regular use of computer among young children is increasing considerably. Although there are some negative aspects of using this technology, but the significance of using computer among youngsters could not be underestimated.
Nowadays, due to modernization, people’s choice of living has also changed. These days, lots of individuals prefer to live alone. In my view, it is a positive development and this essay will discuss reasons for it.
With the drastic expansion of humans' residential areas came extensive efforts towards deforestation all around the globe. Due to this a negative impact on the environment in the shape of global warming can be seen. To tackle this issue, some concrete steps such as implementation of global legislation against it along with monetary incentives in favour of pro plantation could be taken.
Younger generations in some nations are avoiding their right to vote. The main problem this causes is that leaders cannot address the issues of young people and the most viable solution is for the government to sponsor awareness campaigns in media and colleges.
Education plays a key role in the country's prosperity. Some people argue that more money should be put forward to teach science rather than other courses by an administrating body in order for a nation to grow and advance. In my opinion, body of knowledge is the key to development. However, other subjects are important too.
Nowadays, people are significantly suffering from sickness due to stress. This essay will discuss the main causes of stress-related sicknesses including work pressures and health problems. This essay will also suggest solutions to these issues, including following physical exercise and maintaining a balanced diet.
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