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Some argue that the only way to face bad conditions is to accept them, like job satisfaction or through budget, whereas others claim that is better to struggle for advancement in these situations. I opine that we should try our chance for once because we live once and we should try hard to achieve our desires.
There is no denying that global food supply deprivation will happen if the world's population keeps growing exponentially. Some believe that scientifically produced food is a feasible remedy for this situation. Despite bringing about some opposing sides, employing this method in conventional agriculture will have a positive impact on alleviating global hunger.
The existence of international industries sparks debate within the community regarding whether the government should allow foreign companies to open branches in certain local areas. The primary concern is that this might pose a threat to local businesses, hindering their gradual growth. This essay supports the idea that restrictions should be imposed on global industries for several key reasons.
Although it is thought by some that art is an important subject to learn in school, other people believe that it does not have any benefits. In my opinion, I consider that art subjects have more benefits than drawbacks.
An increasing number of people in certain countries are curious about the history of the home or construction they reside in. It appears due to their curiosity and a sense of connection and belonging between the building and the residents. To get familiar with the background of their accommodation, people can find relevant information by searching online, visiting historical local museums, or even asking former residents there.
In modern society, the concept of providing free healthcare to all citizens has sparked a heated debate, with proponents and opponents presenting compelling arguments on both sides. This essay will delve into the contrasting perspectives surrounding this contentious issue.
These days many people, who have to work in different types of facilities and organizations tend to work strictly than beforehand. This is being caused by a potential lack of season and vacant performance placements have been reducing virtually in all countries for several decades. However, employers should mitigate their task time and enhance base salary to resolve the problems associated with them.
A group of people present the view that economic progress should be the most significant priority for governments, whereas others believe that there are various sorts of progress that are as important as the other for a nation. I strongly agree with the former opinion and my reasons will be presented in the following paragraphs.
Popular people like famous actors or sports personalities have an effect on others by bringing both difficulties and benefits. This essay claims that celebrities bring more benefits than problems and will examine the reasons in the next paragraphs.
Lately, a plethora of topics are being seriously talked about among various individuals and groups, and one prominent topic is private time. There are even workers who prefer to spend their time staying with colleagues, while others tend to reserve private time for themselves. I strongly agree that people should spend spare time with co-workers. In the succeeding paragraphs, I am going to discuss the reason along with my personal perspective.
Nowadays, most individuals have to do various tasks although they are not interested in them. This ratio increases because of unemployment and the rise in the cost of living. As a result, many are suffering from mental and physical health issues, apart from that family bonds also
Artificial intelligence and its impact on employment is increasingly becoming a hot topic of debate. While a number of people believe that artificially intelligent robots will replace humans to do all jobs in the long term, there are many who have opposing views. This essay will argue that eventually, most jobs will indeed be done by robots powered by artificial intelligence although not all jobs as believed by some.
Nowadays, technology is integrated into every aspect of our lives. So, it seems hard if we try to stay away from it. Furthermore, this tech-based lifestyle can make us more intelligent, while in contrast, if we do not use it carefully we will suffer from some mental health problems.
Nowadays, since there are many kinds of media platforms where any business can promote their products , the competition in the market is fairly high. Therefore, almost all items are advertised as they are new in some way or another to increase sales, attract new customers and make their audience aware of their products or services. From my perspective, it has both positive and negative influences. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons behind my opinion.
“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life.” John Wayne says. Although Thinking about the future is a crucial factor for people and countries which leads them to progress and have a better life in peace, in my opinion, we should not forget today and just think about the future because today builds the future and past.
In modern times, whether or not women and men are suited for the same kind of jobs depends on who you ask because everyone has different beliefs and perspective on the same. While some contend that both sexes are capable of the same things, others disagree. Both arguments will be covered in this essay.
Over the past few years, the exploitation of advertising on social media has been growing exponentially around the world. Some people believe that advertising has an influence on purchases of things. Other people claim that advertising does not have an impact on buying things. This essay will further elaborate my views for favoring the impacts and thus, will lead to a logical conclusion.
Awards and punishments are often opted for parenting. Some individuals believe that children deserve an award for good behaviour while others argue that bad behaviour is worth a punishment. This essay will look at both views and explain why a combination of the two is the best way forward.
Many are of the opinion that teenagers are easily affected in their behaviours and circumstances by their peers who are mostly in the same age group, which can be seen as a peer culture. Although there would be partly positives with children developing themselves academically and emotionally, the downsides are greater than the advantages given that friends convince each other to commit crimes.
Usage of electronic gadgets including mobile phones has become common among children. They are spending hours on these devices for various purposes which I will discuss later in the essay. However, in my opinion, it’s a totally negative development, and in this essay, I will explain some reasons supporting my opinion.
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