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Nigeria is a country that suffers the adverse effects of epileptic electricity supply which of course would retard whatever benefits electric cars would bring. Hence, I disagree that All cars that burn fossil fuels should be banned and electric cars should replace them.
I strongly believe that fossil fuels should be banned because of the emission of CO2 and global warming issues.One of the solution to avoid irreversible global changes is to develop our transport to be completely electric.
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It is argued that fossil burning cars should be entirely forbid and replaced with an electric car. This essay agrees with this statement because it is an environmental friendly option that also promote the usage of renewable source of energy.
It is argued that fossil burning cars should with entirely replaced with electric car. This essay agrees with this statement because it is environmental friendly option that also promote the usage of renewable source of energy.
Excessive amount of burning crude oil results threating to the overall lives on earth.Concering issues I completely agree with this notion as petrol-diesel vehicles must be remove from our daily routines and push up eco-friendly and beneficiary electric vehicle on road.
The advancement in technology has introduced the various updations in the automobile sector to human beings with many benefits. However, Some opine that petrol and diesel cars should be replaced by electric ones. I firmly agree with this notion, as it helps in improving both environment and public health.
Technological advancement has introduced various upgraded versions of automobiles to mankind. In this contemporary era, electric automobiles are one of the best examples of this development. One school of thought bring their eco-friendly motor should be publicised in place of the traditional ride. I strongly support imposing restrictions on fossil fuel burning motors. Moreover, these vehicles are not friendly to both the environment and public health.
The housing issue has always been a pressing one. Many people keep on preferring to live in a traditional house, while others in modern apartment buildings. I believe life in a flat is more advantageous due to the fact that this type of accomadation offers better economic and social opportunities.
Invention of electric run cars has made the fossil run cars obsolete. IT has also raised a burning question” Should electric cars be totally replace fossil run cars?” I agree with it as igniting fossils raises pollution level and it is also a renewable source so switching to electric cars and disconitunig fossil cars make a sense. .
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First of all I can say I'm totally agreed with this idea. I can explain why my ideas in this way easily.
Climate change has become a global issue and everyone is trying to win this fight.One of the reason is the emission of carbon dioxide through vehicles.So i think gasoline powered vehicles should be replaced by electric one's.This essay will discuss two major benefits of electronic vehicles which includes its benefits to nature and cost savvy technique.
A law allowing Electric cars to replace all carbon emitting vehicles should be introduced, this I agree with in its entirety.
All vehicles that require petrol should be prohibited and electric cars should be used instead. I agree with the previous statement as it exponentially decreases the air pollution and it is more economical than cars that use combustion engines.
Private and public vehicle’s like four wheeler’s running on petrol, diesel, gas should legally be prohibited and replaced by alternatives like electrical vehicle’s. Well, I completely agree with the idea of using electric car’s because of rising level of pollution and extinction of fossil fuels.
The invention of a car was a very important milestone in the field of transportation. From the beginning of the mass production of cars, most notably by the Ford motor company in the United States, these four wheelers were designed to run on fuel, most notably diesel and petrol. There have been a few instances of car manufacturers trying to bring about electric cars in order to win some hearts and score some brownie points with the pretext of being environmentally friendly but alas, there have hardly been few takers for these type of vehicles.
Cars have become an important part of our lives, we all drive it to go wherever we want to. According to me, it will be a good move to ban the use of fossil fuels to run the car and to replace it with electric cars. Pollution is increasing with each day and fossil fuels are getting decreased proportionally. The number of cars is increasing each day, now there is at least one car in each house and so more traffic on the roads that lead to air pollution and which in turn leads to several health problems too for example breathing problems. Using an electric car as compared to the one with fossil fuel is safer because petrol/diesel is highly flammable which can result in loss of car to loss of life. The most important reason to support this ban is to save fossil fuels from getting extinct as they are the non-renewable sources of energy. So, in my opinion, it will be a good idea to replace the fuel cars with electric cars.
Now a days everyone has a car which uses fuels like petroleum or gas, many companies are coming forward in manufacturing electric cars which will replace the existing one.Agree. Electric cars can reduce global warming and fossil fuels are becoming expensive and demanding
Nowadays, cars have become a major mean of transportation, but the fossil fuel, which they burn has a detrimental impact on our environment. Some may argue that electric cars should not completely replace the traditional fuel consumption cars; however, in my opinion, I completely agree with the notion that cars which use petroleum and natural gasses should be banned and replaced by electric cars because of the increasing air pollution and global warming.
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In the today’s scenario, all cars which use a petrol or diesel should be banned and instead of them we (should) approach electric vehicles.
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