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Nowadays people don’t have much time to spend on reading newspaper, so they mostly try to find the easiest way to get up -to -date. Obviously internet is playing vital role in people lives to get all kind of news faster and in easier way. But newspaper will be always valuable because mostly older generations like to read news from newspaper.
Internet is considered to be one of the most effective medium for reading news for a majority of people however newspaper has mostly been the crucial way of reading the news for an ample amount of people. In my opinion, newspapers are an irreplacable source of providing news because they have been able to reach a wide range of people where it is in rural areas or urban areas.
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Literally speaking , The given topic " However rest of newsreaders prior reading on screens through internet over printed form. Eventhough, Print media should lead the race. The grounds are being fundamental mean of awareness exlusivly newses " provides food for thought even to common rut of people as it has close relevance to our lives. People may have divergent speculation but i will like to take up the subject according to my standpoint asserting " Newspapers are beatable, it vivid , nothing will belight with ny upcomming concrete view points.
Knowledge of current affairs has been transitioned from conventional paper to phones these days. Even social media has become a great platform for both local and global news. Albeit, the internet is making its place, I still believe newspapers hold their own value and potential. This essay will prove the aforementioned examples and arguments.
While it is undeniable that many individuals in various countries around the world are turning to follow up the news over the internet, some people argued that newpapares are more significance. I totally disagree to this opinion for many compelling justifications, as it will be explained below.
Getting news through newspapers is one of the conventional ways while print media came into existence. In this modern era , people are more fond of collecting broadcasts through various sources of the internet. Even the advancements have been transformed the way to read reports, the presence of journals would be there in future as it. I largely agree with this statement and will explicit my thoughts in the latter paragraphs.
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