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In modern era, technology brings drastic chage in dwellers life. Nowadays, toddlers spent their most time on watching television as compare to ancient time as well as they do less physical activity. I will articulate the reasons and solutions of aforementioned notion in upcoming paragraphs with relevant epitome.
Even though there are concrete reasons leading to the substantial increase in TV watching, and thus, decline in leisure activities amidst children, I opine that implementable solutions for this negative trend exist.
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These days children pay too much attention to watch some programs on TV instead of physical activities. In this essay, I will figure out some reasons which caused this situation and reveal solution as well.
Television connected to the Internet seems to dominate most of the children’s time, much more than in the past. This has led to reduce their interests with the leisure activities and caused some adverse effects on the development of children. My essay will discuss about the reasons and some solutions for this issue.
Nowadays, due to the lack of safe playgrounds and the appealing contents of TV shows, children are spending more time than ever watching television, which remarkably shrinks their time of taking proper exercises. More insights into the underlying causes of this phenomenon and several feasible solutions regarding the intervention of both authorities and TV producers present in this essay.
Many adolescents in many countries tend to spend their time on television these days, but not only television, but there are also many streaming platforms that divert their attention such as YouTube and Netflix. The main reason, that children are addicted to the entertainment media, is the lack of social communication between a family. This essay will discuss why is this the case? And how to divert children’s attention doing another activity?
An increasing concern for many people around the world is the revolutionized technology use amidst the children who hang out at home watching the television which can lead to a marked decline in physical activity has become highly controversial. The origins of this situation seem to flow from three underlying factors, while a number of remedies appear to be feasible.
Television is an essential source of information for everyone.It is said by some individuals that these days children watch more television as compared to ancient term and they do not like playing,exercising.In my perspective,technology has entirely changed the living way of the people,there are numerous ways to promote a higher level of activity among children.
Technology has been the main cause of different changes. Nowadays children watching television more than past generations did. That is why the level of activity of children has decreased. This essay will elaborate on the reason and way of solving the problem on this topic further.
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Television and internet usage is increasing day by day in the society now a days and children are the main users of both. This has affected a lot in their lifetyle. We will discuss why this is so and what measures to be taken for this.
A family can not be build without having children as they are a crucial part of them. Many pupils nowadays spend more time on screens due to addictive cartoon channels and restricted access to outside playgrounds. To resolve this issue parents can take a number of measures.
The rising of the variety of television programs provide the vast majority of youngsters spend their amount of time sitting in front of the screen , leading to the lacking of essential physical activity in their daily life such as exercises and work out activities . This essay will discuss why are the feasible reasons and offer practical suggestions to tackle this issue.
It is not a secret that since technology has progressed, such phenomena as the sedentary lifestyle spread rapidly among people, and juveniles are not an exception. Thus, the dilemma of what should be done in order to attain a higher level of activity among youngsters. Below I going to explore this thought-provoking topic, underlying the following solutions: sport inspiration and
Currently, kids spend so much time on television than they usually do, due to this, decreasing the time they spend on other things. In my view, I suggest activities like spending quality time with friends, participating in sports, and learning a new skill should be incorporated into their homes.
According to some statistics, children pay too much attention on tv programes instead of physical activities. In this essay, we might figure out some reasons which caused this situation and reveral solutions as well.
Nowadays, a large number of children in the world watch more television compared to the past and this involves reducing simple activities, for example, play with friends in the parks, ride a bike, play football and volleyball. All these activities encourage children to open their mind. But, unfortunately, since many years, something has changed.
It is true that recently more and more children are addicted to TV programs that makes them spend less space to engage in outdoor activities. This is caused by several reasons. Although there will undoubtedly be some negative consequences of this trend, societies can take steps to mitigate these potential problems.
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In today’s world, as becoming a basic device, television has played an entertaining role in every family. It is the best friend for kids at home which leads to a problem that child prefer watching TV all-day to doing some outdoor activities. Although this trend arose many disadvantages, there are many solutions to it.
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