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In recent years, people’s activities have posed a serious threat to the environment, some individuals argue that it would be a hardship to improve the environmental issue since we missed the good opportunity. However, there is some uncertainty of whether we should make efforts on this issue.In this essay, I will review both sides of the debate to seek a conclusion.
Nowadays, the environmental conditions become worse which impact to the earth and other creatures because of the people unscientific process.A certain number of the public believe that the occasion was delayed already to repatriate the things like old days.This essay will study on this topic as detailed in the following paragraphs and my opinion will be noted in the conclusion.
The given line graph represents the consumption of fast food by Australian teenagers between 1975 to 2000; 25 years long gap. Here Pizza and hamburgers were continuously consumed more than the fish and chips, which are consumed in high quantity in 1975, but after that, the rate fell down slowly.
It is undeniable that human actions nowadays have adverse impact on plants and animals. Although some may argue that humans have gone too far, suggesting there is no way to retrieve the situation, there still have many effective measures can be taken to tackle this issue.
The development of human society has deteriorated the environment in recent years, which spoiled the diversity of fauna and flora. While some pessimists argue that this tendency is irreversible, I still believe that we can make effective efforts to protect animal and plant species.
The globe development leads to numerous negative effects on nature. There are those who believe that there is no more time to reverse this situation; although some people belief relies on the fact that there is still time to transform our natural environment.
With the development of human civilization, other species' life, such as animals and plants, are badly affected in various ways. Although some people feel there is little we can do to fix the impacts we humans made, I believe we still need to make every effort we can to tackle the problem.
Nature is considered as the integral part of the ecosystem. All living organisms relay on their habitants for survival. In recent times, every one on plant has faced consequences of nature such as climate change, most of the harm that's done to nature is caused by humans and as a result animals that depend on nature are facing problems. This topic has became highly debateable topic. In the following eassy I shall discuss my views and opinion and thus conclude with a possiable solution.
Human activities have had a negative impact on plant and animal species for a long time. Some believe that is it too late to reverse this impact ,however others think that effective measures can be taken to improve this situation. I believe that it is never too late to start taking measures for improving this situation.
Human being has always been abusing the mother earth since the industrial revolution. Almost every kind of environmental problem or animal distinction, are the negative result of human activities. Some people believe that we can still save our planet and immediate actions must be taken. Others think that these actions are just grasping at straws. In my opinion, both approaches are equally reasonable, but personal statements vary.
Environmental conservation has become a trending topic in recent years. Pessimists claim that there is nothing that can be done to save the Earth, while others argue that human beings still have a chance to modify the situation. In my view, I agree with the latter and I will provide an explanation with examples.
Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about humans` demanding activities to the environment. Some even claim it is too late for us to take action now. I agree with the point of view that measures can be taken to change the situation and we need to act as quickly as possible.
These days, the natural resources have been over-exploited by humans causes climate changes considerably. It is argued that people are unable to alter this status while some scientists have given many detailed actions for governments, companies, communities to recover the living environment. In my opinion, I do agree that there are still emergency solutions in order to save Earth.
People have different views about whether we should take action to improve the living environment of animals and plants. While some people think it is too late to change this situation, I believe that we can do a lot of things to effectively protect wildlife.
Cutting trees, constructing buildings near forests, and pouring polluted water into the ocean harm the environment. Lately, there has been much debate about sustainable protections for plants and animal groups. Some people believe that this problem is irreversible and might not have a comprehensive solution to resolve it. However, many people are convinced that we are still capable of improving this environment by practical actions. It is quite understandable that views on this issue vary greatly.
Recently, extensive attention has been put on environment issues. There are negative effects on plants and animal species due to industrialization and urbanization. Some people believe that those negative effects cannot be tackled as people have realized it too late. However, other people argue that this situation can be improved with effective approaches. I would support the latter view.
Recently, a section of the society claims that there is nothing we could do to stop the damages on our planet. However, others hold the opposite idea, saying that effective actions could still be helpful to modify the issue. In my view, I agree more with the later one.
Recently, a section of the society claimed that there is nothing we could do to stop damaging our planet. However, others hold the opposite idea, saying effective actions could still be helpful to modify the issue. In my view, I agree more with the later one.
Environmental issues have been increasingly becoming significant these days. Due to humankind detrimental activities, we witness many deterioration trends in plants and animal species. While it is suggested by some people that it is extremely too late to take any measure in favour of the environment, I agree with those who believe that it is worth the effort to preserve it.
Human activities have indeed damaged many animals and plants. Although it can be argued that there is nothing we could do to tackle this issue, I firmly believe some resolutions can proceed from different stakeholders.
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