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The upsurge in the use of motor vehicles in many big metropolitan cities has led to other forms of challenges. A stoppage to the use of personal cars in the cities has been proposed. Banning the use of these cars is essential due to the air pollution and disturbing noise that comes from them in the recent times.
In recent years,there has been an upward trend in individual car ownership in the world urban regions which has resulted into various problems.Prohibition of private automobiles has been put forth by some urban areas.In my opinion, I strongly agree that a ban should be placed on private car ownership as it causes noise pollution and traffic congestion.
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Cars have become an integral part of the modern life. The dependency on cars is increasing day by day and this is leading to many problems. Various measures are being taken to tackle this situation. As one of the control measures, many cities have proposed to ban private vehicles from the city centre.
Cities are characterized with lots of cars use probably due to increased industrialization in the environment. Some governments are looking into reducing the quantity of vehicles on the major city roads by using some measures such as restricting certain vehicle type in some areas. This essay agrees to the measure which bans the use of private cars from the city centres.
As a result of the challenges associated with the increase in automobiles on the major roads of cities, some believe that the use of personal cars should be restricted from plying these highways. In my opinion, I strongly agree that this ban should take effect sooner rather than later due to problems such as environmental pollution and traffic congestion.
It has been observed in recent years that the number of adults using cars as a daily transport mode is increasing. Hence, this has caused many problems, especially in large cities such as accidents and pollution. So, it has been proposed that excluding private vehicles from the city centre may help to reduce this issue. In my opinion, I believe that it is very essential to adopt public transport as the only mode in the city centre.
Many people believe that nowadays many global cities have several problems are from increasing car usage. In my point of view, it is hard to concur to such claims. Therefore, in the following paragraphs there are persuasive reasons to discuss this issue in depth.
To begin with, Most Countries have free health care system but to what extend is this system able to carter for emergencies and new emerging diseases and human sicknesses.
In the recent era, the human beings prefer to use own wheelers for traveling, due to drastic effects of this trend in fewer areas the higher authorities banned the private vehicles. I think this action has many and various improved results. In my piece of writing, I shall shed light on the reasons of my agreement.
In modern society, car usage in many large cities has been increasing and this has caused a number of problems. Therefore, some cities have agreed with the idea to prohibit private vehicles from the city centre. It is clear that this agreement will be beneficial for the environment and this trend will shape people's thoughts about the importance of protecting nature.
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Societies are getting bigger, as well as the numerous population, have occurred. Using a private car opts for people in a fast-paced world. It is argued that private transport creates unpleasant issues. Some cities have proposed an issue that personal automobiles from the cities should be prohibited. I personally disagree with the statement. This essay will substantiate my opinion in the paragraphs below.
Owing to the increase in the number of private cars in large urban areas, it has been suggested by some that private vehicles should be restricted from plying major city roads. In my opinion , i disagree that private vehicular movements should be banned as there are no sufficient infrastructure on ground to serve as substitute and cover for such abolishment .
While introducing the topic above, the use of Automobile's inclined drastically, and it is leading towards a plethora of problems in most of the global areas. Hence, private vehicles have been banned by the government of some global cities.Some of the disadvantages referencing the above problem would be harmful gases, Which were released during the process of fuel combustion, and I agree to a greater extent that, Which will open the gates for future problems.
A good number of issues have resulted from the climbing rate of vehicular use in most urban settlements around the world, many of which have considered placing embargoes on the use of privately owned vehicles in the hear of the city. I am inclined to agree with this school of thought as it would be a relief to the unyielding traffic situation in most parts of the city.
Owing to the increased number of vehicle movement in major cities, it has been suggested that private cars be restricted from plying major roads in the cities. In my opinion, i agree that personal cars be banned from popular road networks in other to decrease traffic congestion and road accident.
All around the world, specifically urban areas are facing a number of issues due to rising in the number of private vehicles. Some towns have decided to stop the use of such personal cars in the city center. However, I completely agree with the proposal of banning cars from the city because it will reduce traffic congestion and also slow down the emission of greenhouse gases.
Nowadays,the growth of car consumption has brought severe issues in many urban areas.This problem has solved in someplace by using strict rules like do not allowing them to enter the city centres.I believe that the advanced technology is eased our life and also give some question that now we are struggling to solve it.
Global warming is a huge concern for many of us around the world. Carbon emissions are one of the largest contributors to this growing concern. Apart from industries, emissions of greenhouse gases are seen increasingly from the increased usage of private transport especially automobiles in major urban towns across the globe. I totally agree with the point that stringent actions and laws should be introduced that can prevent these cars from moving around freely.
Owing to the hazard experienced by citizens in the world, due to the rise in the numbers of vehicles in the metropolis, a quantum of places have decided to restrict these cars from the major places in the city. In my opinion, I strongly agree that restrictions by enforced so that heavy traffic can reduce and health challenges can be curbed.
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Owing to the hazards caused by the increased use of automobiles in the metropolis, it has been suggested by some that private cars should be prohibited from plying the cities. In my opinion, I agree that vehicles should be banned as its continued use causes environmental pollution and also road accidents.
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