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In our contemporary era, it is acknowledged that the government making significant efforts by increasing fuel prices to reduce gas emissions and improve the natural environment, marking this method as the paramount solut
Due to the revolution of automobile industry most of the people are using private vehicles, hence the traffic crisis and environmental impacts are soaring daily, especially in urban areas. There is a good solution to era
It is undeniable that the increasing amount of traffic congestion and the contamination of the environment are making nations concerned worldwide. To secure a trouble-free atmosphere, many people hold the view that escal
Unfortunately, traffic has been increasing all over the world. So, it is a crucial issue in every society, which is not solved yet. Experts offer different opinions and one of them is the growth of gas fees. As a result
way to solve this issue is increasing the price of petrol ,I do not agree with it,because it would make more problems for poor people and the economy.
Nowadays, the number of vehicles are sharply increasing compared to the several years ago. In terms to solve this problem, there is option to rise the gasoline prices where it is expected to decrease the number of vehicl
As far as it is said that the matter of air pollution and growing traffic, the best solution is to increase the petrol cost I agree with this opinion, and I will explain some other ways for these issues.
Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to increase traffic and environmental pollution. In this essay, I will explain the reason why I firmly disagree with the aforementioned remedy because there are some superio
Raising the fuel price is thought to be the most influential solution to solve the traffic congestion issue. This essay agrees that soaring the price of petrol will contribute to rising citizens' tendency to use public t
Some people say that a high price for petrol can prevent growing traffic and ecological problems. In this essay I will discuss about other measures which can solve this problem and why I disagree with first statement.
Nowadays traffic jam and pollution which lead to environmental problems are widely discussed questions. Many ways are proposed to solve these problems. One of them is increasing cost of petrol. This essay will shed light
In the modern time, many people claim that an upward alternative in gas price is the greatest solution to alleviate or eventually eradicate the rate of vehicles on the road and the natural issues. This writer completely
In recent years, environmental and public problems have increased in the world due to extreme urbanization. A rising number of transports in cities leads to controversy about how to solve problems that cause vehicles, su
Fuel prices being referred to as an ideal way to overcome the current traffic and pollution issues is a statement that I disagree with. I find that there are measures more optimal to address the same issues. Below, I wil
One of the most prevalent trends in the contemporary world is the cumulative increase in vehicles and pollution. Some crowds believe that the hike in price may reduce the movement of folks and environmental issues. It c
Some would say that the best method for solving the traffic and pollution problem that is being caused by petrol use is to inflate its charge. This essay disagrees with that statement because it can because it harms lowe
It is an undeniable fact that global warming is becoming worse and worse, causing negative effects on traffic and pollution problems. There are those who argue that the most effective approach to address the previously m
It is an undeniable fact that global warming is becoming worse and worse by negative effects of traffic and pollution problems. There are those who argue that the most effective approach to address the previously mention
It is argued that by raising the cost of petrol can reduce the problem of traffic congestion and pollutions, I totally agree with this statment. By increasing the cost of driving, public will have to seek for alternative
To what degree do you agree or disagree that raising the price of petrol is the most effective solution to address escalating traffic congestion and pollution issues, I totally agree that increasing the price of petrol c
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