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I am writing to express you my concern about losing my bag in flight to Barcelona - London last Friday at 18:00 with your company flight. The problem began when I didn't have a space for my luggage and then, air hostess safe my bag in last seat but I seat
I have recently travelled in your airlines on last Monday 2nd June. I would like to inform you about my leftover cabin luggage, which I have later realized after reaching my Hotel.
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I am writing to seek your help in finding a bag I forgot at your airport. I boarded Warwick, plane number rc3105 from London to Leicester on the 1st of January which was last friday.
I am writing this letter regarding that I forget my bag in the flight. Firstly, My name is Jon Singh. I took the Air India flight from India to London on 6th june. And my flight number was ATZ4VT and my seat number was A4. Certainly, I put my bag on top c
I am Florisha. I travelled on one of the flights AC-417 from your airline from New Delhi to London on 14 February 2020. My booking reference is AB123456CA. I am writing this to inform you about the briefcase that I forgot in the Aeroplan.
I am writing this letter to inform you about the briefcase I forgot on the plane. I have travelled in airindia flight c-12 on 20th October from Newyork to London, after the departure when I reached my place I realized that I forgot my baggage inside the p
I am Shobha, Last week on the 4th of May, I travelled to London from Montreal.The plane landed in London at 9am and the plane number is PA555.I forgot my laptop bag in the cabin as I was running late for my official meeting, also got a call from the offic
I am writing this letter to inform you that while coming London from England last week on 26th April 2022, incidentally, I forgot my Laptop bag in the cabin. Actually, I was getting late for my scheduled meeting and simultaneously I got a call from my off
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