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Modern technology with its advantages and disadvantages has changed today’s world enormously. Communication allows people all over the world to stay in contact with each other. For instance, I can easily exchange e-mails with a good friend of mine who recently had to move back to her mother country, Malaysia. Furthermore, if I have to make a really important decision or something is bothering me, I simply have to press the buttons on my mobile phone in order to ask my parents or a good friend for advice.
Money has an important impact on most people’s lives. It is not always that a rich person is happy: you can buy a lot of things with money but happiness is something which cannot be bought.
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Needless to say, money has an enormous impact on a lot of people's life. While money can give you power and luxury items or it will put your life on dangerous,which depend on how you use it. but there have something we still cannot gain by money.
People hold different views on the role that money can play in achieving a happy and successful life. While it seems crucial to realize the right uses of money, I admit that there are other important factors that can bring happiness to individuals.
Money is an inevitable factor in our lives. Some people think that money has major impact in their daily lives others have an opinion that there are other certain components which are important. This essay will discuss both the use of money as well as the other strands which gives value to our existence.
In this modern era, the significance of materialism cannot be denied. However, there could be right and wrong ways to spent money. Only money cannot buy happiness, quality life has included several other influential components. In my perspective, everybody urges to have sufficient monitory assistance to fulfill their necessities as well as their luxuries, but the direction of spending money always matters. Beside this, good health and relationship also their own importance.
Life is so much easy compared to the olden days. When many people think that wealth has made a positive vibe in everyone's life, the opponents consider other parameters also play a crucial role in being happy such as safe and secure accommodation. I support the latter's view since I think having own house it is also necessary.
Happiness is significantly important to live a good and prosperous life. It is often argued by some people that being Wealthy is the a major source of happiness in a life. In my view, I think that the money for sure bring some joys to some extent in an individual's life by allowing them to purchase their materialistic things, but, there are other factors such as good family, satisfaction in the profession, healthy life many more that contributes to this as well. In this essay I will shed some light on how Wealth makes people happy and what other factors plays role to ensure happiness in the lives of people.
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