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These days, the internet then is useful for all ages then gather more knowledge. What is the most effective method for dealing with damaging social skills of a teenager and young adults? Some people think that it depends upon age to follow the rule of society. Thus, sometimes it is dangerous or safety the social development of the website.
In this new generation youngsters is become addicted in social media. Nowadays other masses think that the technology, is risky in the mental health of young people and also in adolescents. Because in this new era the teenagers busy, in their mobile phone. In this essay, I will discuss how the childrens and and adults become common in this social reform. In this issue human kind they need responsible to their individual so that the youth and mankind having time to their other task.
There are numerous problems which can be attributed to the usage of internet, interms of social aspects. To begin with, the young people spend a huge amount of time infront of their mobile screens and prefer to remain quite for long time to use a variety of web applications such as Youtube and Vimeo. Another abvious issue is that the social activities has declined with the passage of time due to the invention of the internet. Infact, youngsters try to find fellows with the similar choices which definitrly limits their exposure. Therefore, it gives an overview that excessive use of web is detrimental for the development of young population.
Some think that the internet deteriorates the social skills of young adults and teenagers. I believe that communication skills are essential for any person regardless of age, and losing them can pose many challenges to an individual. To solve the mentioned problem, long screen hours should be eliminated and offline meetings should be encouraged.
These days, the number of young people who use the internet is growing. Many persons think that this development can bring some harmful impacts to their communication skills and in some ,cases it can devastate their human interactions ability . I believe that there are certain causes to this issue and it can be solved by taking some special measures .
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