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In this day and age, a plethora of young people have the tendency to settle in another place instead of living with their parents. This essay attempts to shed light on both the merits and demerits of this trend before co
Many young people are addicted to play video games that would potentially bring negative impact for the society. I cannot find any benefit from playing it therefore, I strongly agree on this assumption. This essay will e
In modern society, the general people have shown a significant interest in creative art. To develop the art industry, some people may have claimed that the government should support artists financially in the process of
In these days, child development has always been considered to be an essential part. While some people believe that family plays an important role in raising children, others think that social factors like television, fr
Due to the Internet has already become more convenient and advanced recently. As the devlopments of networks, the advantages and disadvanges are more which are compared to old decades. The information technology has expl
Certain individuals believe that businesses promoting their products and services by funding games is a negative trend however others think that it has a multitude of benefits. In this essay, both arguments will be exam
Some individuals hold an opinion that friends have greater influence on young generation whereas others claim that family and tutors have a stronger impact. I tend to support the first position and in this essay I will e
In an era characterized by complex, short but toxic human relations, friendships have become to be discussed. Some voices caution against the drawbacks of having the same kind of friends who have some perceptions, while
While many believe that children should study all subjects at school, others argue that they should only study subjects they perform well or interested. Both point of view and reason why I agree with the former statement
Researchers predict that in the future, technology such as computers will surpass humans in terms of intelligence. While some are concerned that this may have negative consequences, I disagree and believe that it will be
The debate on whether teenagers should focus on all subjects equally or concentrate only on subjects they find interesting has been ongoing for years. This essay will discuss both views and explain my own opinion.
Some societies believe that the government can not develop the recession progressively and at the same point , they can not be friendly to the environment. Others believe that the authority can do both. I personally beli
There are differing viewpoints, where certain folks believe it is better if students are afraid of their teachers and also preferable if others support close relationships with teachers. This essay will outline my though
Many people believe that it's an advantage to have like-minded friends whereas some argue that having people with a different opinion adds more benefit to life. Whereas minds that think alike can conclude a discussion sw
There is an ongoing debate in the society these days where some opine that it's benefitial to have friends who share same intrests and hobbies. whilst others disagree and thinks different mindset and seprate opinion is n
During this era, there is a phenomenon of children that are no longer interested in reading books and prefer spending their time using modern technology. This phenomenon opened a discussion between people and this essay
Nowadays, it might be clearly noticed that the number of the elderly is gradually uplifting in most parts of the world. This essay claims that the following trend has more of a beneficial impact on society as it proves
Certain folks believe that if students are scared of the teacher it is better. Others also support a close relations with the teacher is better.
Some individuals claim that all subjects should be taught to children at school, however, proponents say that they should only engage in subjects they are interested in or talented. Although I agree that study which cove
People are now still divided over whether students at school should study all subjects or only the ones they find fascinating. While studying only subjects of interest can help to score good marks in exams, I believe tha
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