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In recent decades, the environment has become a major concern around the world as our planet will face the devastating consequences of global warming in the near future. Although it is undoubtedly the government’s responsibility to take action, individuals need to make a contribution to deal with this pressing problem as well.
It is irrefutable that environment plays a crucial role in everyone's life. Few citizens hold this idea that the problems regarding surroundings are huge for human beings to elucidate, another section of society think that only government cannot solve the environmental issues without the help of people. In this essay I will discuss both the perceptions and at the end, I will give my view.
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The issue of environmental problems has become a matter of discussion for many. Some people argue that such global issues cannot be solved by an individual, while others disagree. Personally, I believe that it will require a cumulative effort from both public and government to mitigate this world-wide pandemic. In this essay, I shall examine both points of view and outline the solutions.
Many people think that pollution issues should be solved by the ministry because it is huge for one person;however,other think that individual should start thinking about the environmental harm than and then it would be solved by the government.I also think that everyone should play their role to save the environment.
Some people argue that it is very hard for individuals to resolve any environmental issues. Others, however, believe that individuals has to take some actions before the government can resolve the environmental issues. While environmental issues is one of the big topic for every nation to deal with and it is impossible for individuals to resolve by themselves without getting government support. But I believe that individuals does play an important role on resolving environmental issues and government should be providing resources and funding to support them.
Environmental problems should not be ignored as they affect all of us equally. A great number of people consider this to be a task much too complex for individuals to resolve on their own, while others view the government as incapable of dealing with this issue. I consider that both governments and citizens play a big role in putting a stop to pollution and other damaging behaviours.
The environment has become a major concern over the last couple of decades, resulting in several debates on who should be responsible for ensuring its sustenance for our future generations. In this essay, we will discuss the point of views for establishing where the responsibility for the protection of the environment lies.
There is no doubt that environmental issues are an omnipresent phenomenon in the entire world. Who is accountable for tackling climate changes has become a matter of discussion for many. Some people argue that the responsibility for solving them should lie with governments, whereas others disagree. In this essay I shall examine both points of view and outline potential solutions.
In today's world, we are standing before an enormous climate crisis, such as global warming. If we want our home to exist in the next 30 years, we must take some serious actions. Some people reckon that, the government is not able to make any difference unless inhabitants help. In comparision, some say that, an individual can not solve problems unless the whole world will join. This essay will analise both sides of disagreement.
Environment defines as natural surroundings of human which comprises air, water, soil, plants and other essential natural resources. It has been dilapidated drastically by the activities of human such as industrialization and so on, but this alarming situation can be curtailed with proper initiatives from both people and government. Therefore, as per requirement of statement, I am going to shed my knowledge over both the views.
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Nowadays, the significance of environmental protection is being widely recognised. While some people perceive that there's nothing individuals can do to cope with large-scale environmental issues, others believe that authorities won't achieve anything regarding this without the assistance of individuals. In this essay, I shall discuss both views in depth, and then illustrate why I believe the participation of individuals is crucial to solving these issues in the environment.
In recent years, environmental issues have increased enormously due to various human's actions. A group of people argue that individuals alone are unable to resolve this menace, whereas, the rest of the claimers vocalized to have the regime support to the person to mitigate the current hassle of surroundings. In my view, if the authority and civilians work together as a team, the outcome would be definitely a positive one, otherwise, effort form one side is a waste of time. This essay will discuss why people have such distinguish views with suitable examples and explanation.
Environmental problems are a ubiquitous phenomenon in the entire world. Many proponents think such global issues cannot be solved by an individual, while others deny. I believe that it will require a cumulative effort of both public and government to tackle this issue.
The recent query about the governmental duty towards a cleaner environment has been widely acknowledged. While some believe it is that environmental issues are far beyond individuals' capabilities, others argue that without citizens' contributions, authorities will not be able to achieve their targets. I am in agreement with the former notion. In the following lines, both perspectives along with the evidence that substantiates my claims will be further scrutinized.
All living organisms are impacted by the environmental problems. It is often argued that the authorities should take responsibility to reduce environmental issues while some believe that it should be combined efforts by both the individuals and the government. I completely concur with the idea that masses with the support of the authorities should protect the atmosphere. The essay will elaborate on the environmental problems with the measures to be taken by the citizens and the administration.
Every individual is responsible for solving the environmental problem. Every individual must do their part in solving the environmental problems, but only individuals being responsible without the efforts of government doesn't provide any vast range in solving the environmental problems.
The environmental issue is one of the biggest issues in this 21st century. Many campaigns are conducted to realizing people all over the world about the essential of environment to human existence. Even though many people are getting aware of the meaning of surroundings and start to take actions, others say that it is task for government, not for individual.
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Environmental issues are raising rapidly and are becoming too huge for individuals to solve standalone. However, government can take certain actions to eradicate these issues, on the contrary, these steps would go in vain without the participation of citizens. The following paragraphs will discuss both standpoints.
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