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The graph compares the frequency of visiting community sites during the first and second years since it has been introduced.
The table indicates the total use of community website in first two years. It provided the statistics in how much people visited the website in the beginning. Further, the study focused only the first and second year of use.
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The graph indicates the volume of visits to a website of community in the first year and second year of use, respectively.
The data provided in the form of a bar chart compares in which way the pattern of visits to a community website has changed at the begining of use and the next year.
The provided bar chart presents data on the utilization of a website's community by its guests over a span of two years, from September to August.
The illustration shows a community website is being visits by ample of people. Here, it is shown that how many people are visits the first and second year to the community website. The information given here is the main features where we can see number of
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