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The chart reveals the percentages of residents' coffeeand tea purchasing habits in five Australian cities.61%of respondents in these cities visited cafes for coffee ortea in the past four weeks.
The bar chart illustrates the amount of various drinks in some cities in Australia. Overall, the majority of citizens intentionally visit cafes to purchase coffee or tea. An acquisition of instant caffeine comes in seco
This bar graph provides data regarding the preference of three types of coffee and tea consumption in different five cities in Austraila. Overall, to purchase fresh coffee was the lowest common type and the ratio recorde
The bar chart illustrates the coffee-and-tea buying and drinking preferences of people in five Australian cities. It compares the proportion of residents who brought fresh or instant coffee, and those who went to the caf
The bar graph depicts figures from a survey in five towns in Australia about the consumption of coffee and tea. There cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisban, Adelaide, and Hobart. The legend shows fresh coffee, instant c
The provided bar chart illustrates the result of a survey about people’s coffee and tea buying and drinking habits in five Australian Cities.
The bar chart illustrates survey results on five Australian cities’ residents’ routines in purchasing and consuming tea and coffee in the last four weeks. Overall, in four out of five cities, people prefer to go to a caf
The bar chart illustrates the proportion of Australian coffee and tea consumption and purchasing in five different cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart) in Australia.
The bar chart illustrates the outcomes of a survey about individual coffee and tea buying and drinking habits in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart.
The graph shows the report from a survey about tea and coffee buying and drinking behaviour in five cities in Australia. Categorized by colours, there are three categories which are people who bought fresh coffee, bought
The bar chart illustrates the consequence of a examine about coffee and tea buying and drinking customs in 5 cities in Australia namely Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart
The diagram illustrates how much coffee and tea was bought by people in five cities in the last
The provided figure represents the percentage of communities who were a big fan of coffee and tea spending and drinking habitats, in five different places. The data is presented in the percentage. Overall, it is obvious
The bar chart demonstrates the outcome of an investigation on coffee and tea purchasing preferences among inhabitants of five Australian cities in last 4 weeks. Overall, going to cafe for coffee or tea was the most signi
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