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It is true to say that fossil fuels are still our main source ot energy today, and as more countries develop their industries and their economies, the scale of their use continues to grow.
Global warming is destroying our world. Research and development of new and different ways to replace fossil fuel is important. Though I do not agree that it is the most important goal in todays world.
fossil fuels consumption has been increasing day by day and that is giving detrimental impacts on living organisms. There should be some options available to diminish the usage of fossil fuels, namely solar energy, natural gas instead of petrol or dispel . This essay will discuss the need for searching for alternatives and what positive effect it has on the future environment.
Since the beginning of the industrial revolution in previous centuries and the globalization of the world in the last two decades, the consumption of fossil materials has increased dramatically. Thus, people have begun to believe that it is highly essential to find other sources of energy. This essay totally agrees with this opinion and will first discuss why it is worthwhile to consume different energy sources to preserve the environment and then will consider a problem related to the shortage of nonrenewable energy.
For the last few decades, people have been using fossil fuels such as charcoal, petrol, gas, and diesel as their main source of energy. However, overuse of natural fossil fuels not only have negative effects on the environment, but also reduced reserves to the verge of extinction. Therefore, many people believe that the research for green and safe energy should be the global priority these days. To a certain point, I agree with that, but some considerations should be cautiously measured as well.
Admittedly, our future crucially depends on the energy sources which are also safe and environmentally friendly. It is often believed that searching and advancing the more safe energy resources than fossil fuels must be an international priority. I am in accord with the statement.
Our world is lacking with conventional sources and shifting on sustainable resources. Research and development of other renewable resources are whether to be focused or not. I am of the view that we should focus to innovate new and friendly fuels to be used instead of fossil fuels.
For the last half-century, fossil fuels empowering our appliances such as coal, petrol and gas. However continuously usage of these natural resources not just effecting our environment but also declined in stock. Therefore now it’s time to find a green alternative solution. To a certain ,point I agree with that, but some precaution should be measure.
Fossil fuels are made from the decomposition of plants and animals having rich amounts of carbon and hydrogen molecules. As they are non-renewable sources of energy to preserve such minerals and use them for the long run we must prioritize to find other suitable options. Therefore, I agree that we must find alternatives to fossils fuels all around the world so that those options can help us.
Since the beginning of the industrial revolution in previous centuries and the globalization of the western world in the last few decades, the consumption of fossil fuels has increased exponentially, so that, people the world over claim that finding another source of power is of the utmost importance. I tend to agree with this premise.
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