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The diagrams describe how the layout of the school has transformed since 1985.
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The legend illustrates the comparison between two maps which pictured a school building renovation and student capacities from 1985 to today. Overall, it can be seen that many areas were still maintained though they diff
This map illustrates the changes in the school building from 1985 to the present time. There are a lot of changes occurred in the structure of school building and the population of students in school is also increased fr
The presented map depicts the transformation done in the school in the year 1985 to the present time. The maps compare the layout of the school in the year 1985 and the layout brought out in the recent year.
The given diagram is an introduction that compares the modification of a particular school between 1985 and the current situation. Generally speaking, it contains more school population and there are multiple facilities
The maps illustrate how the school has modernized during the period from 1985 up to now.
The given illustration indicates the direction and construction placements of a school. The left side is school's map in 1985 and the right side is the current directory. Because of the increase in school population from
The maps displays the development which is been made of a school from the year 1985 to present time. Overall, new amenities has been constructed over the time for the welfare of students, however the entrance and exit ga
The maps display the adjustment in the university from 1985 to the present time.
The map illustrates the different distribution of the school in 1985 and now. The school changed dramatically during this period.
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