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This is Syeda Fatima, one of the regular user of careem taxi. I am writing this to inform you about my recent experiences with your taxi service. Although, I am an old user of careem, still I am getting dissappointed about the services. Few things I would like to mention to drive your attention on the difficulties that me and other customers are facing. These days, I am going through many cancellations from the drivers. As I use taxi for my work, so I need to be prompt. Due to the cancellation after waiting long for the captain, it makes me waste my time and reach late to work. Also, my other colleagues are facing same problem by careem.
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I would like to bring your kind attention towards the problem I am facing with the public transport. I travel to my office daily using Bus number 45. Nowadays, the bus driver does not stop the bus on the desired stand because there are many students who use the same bus to reach their college. There are many civilians waiting for the same bus to reach to their destinations on time but due to the abrupt behaviour of the driver we reach late.
I am a regular user of your prestigious transportation service. Nowadays, the bus no 897 that plies between Central Delhi to East Noida runs late from its timetable. As I go to the office on this bus, it affects my punctuality at the office, and sometimes it also causes my absenteeism at the workplace.
I am writing to express my discontent regarding the bus service, provided by your company in our area. The service is extremely terrible which has created unmanageable and unavoidable situation in the area of my residence.
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