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This letter is to inform you about the publication of wrong information in your magazine about my city which organized the international football game last week and I am writing to elaborate.
I have been a satisfied and permanent customer of your magazine for several years, but now I am disappointed because recently I read a topic of your magazine which includes false information about my town. In fact, this
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I am writing this letter to let you know about the incorrect information related to my hometown in one of your latest articles in an international magazine published a day ago.
I am writing this letter to you to mention that there are a couple of incorrections in your latest article that I read yesterday. The summary was about Brampton town, which is my hometown. The purpose of this letter is o
I am writing this letter to express my thoughts about an article you have published in you last magazine. You mentioned that there is too much traffic in my town because public transportation does not function well. That
I am writing this letter in regard to incorrect informationinformation that was published in the Deccan Chronicles newspaper on 10th July 2023. It was stated in the article that the oldest English-speaking University is
I am writing this letter with the intent of expressing my concerns about the article about the same town centres in my country which is published in today’s newspaper.
I would like to make a formal complaint about incorrect information given in the latest edition of the international travel magazine. The writer described that the University of Cambridge is the oldest in the world wher
I am writing this letter to you regarding the article called "The Life with Travel" which published on 22nd of May in the Australian magazine that socializing the wrong information about my city is Galle.
I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits! This is to bring your kind attention to the mistakes that were present in your recently published Travel Magazine. You recently wrote an article about Visakha
I am writing this letter regarding the article called" Life with Travellers" you published in the Australian magazine on the 22nd of May that misinformation about my city is Galle.
I hope this letter finds you well. I recently read the article published in your magazine in the July 2023 Issue about the town of Edenberg which consists of a factual inaccuracy. As a resident of a town, I am writing th
My name is Georgia , I am a regular reader of your newspaper, I really like your section that includes information on various geographical areas and their importance. Today I am writing to you for expressing my dissatis
I am writing this letter, regarding on last week publish your travel journal has a one article about my city. I concern is about one paragraph in the above article. ,,Unfortunately the writer mentions incorrect informati
I am writing this letter,regarding on last week publish your travel newspaper one article about my concern with that article is about one paragraph.The writer included the wrong information about my village.
I am writing this letter regarding the article which has published in your magazine last Sunday. There was an article about my home town "Kandy". However, I read the said article and I would like to mention, there were s
I am writing to highlight misinformation in an article that was published on 20 June about my city. This incorrect data is posing a number of problems for tourists.
I am writing with respect to some information about my city which is not true and I have just read this in a write-up in an international travel journal.
I am a regular reader of your magazine that I would like to draw your attention regarding some incorrect data in your recent publication on 2nd April about one of our local festivals, Thingyan.
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