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Youth drug abuse is perhaps the most notorious and concerning issue that the poor and rich nations suffer from equally. Many young talents are wasted and families are destroyed due to drug abuse, especially by teenagers. Not only the illegal drugs are being abused, but also the youth's experiment with the alcohol and illegal substances are on the rise. Suggesting accurate remedies for youth drug abuse is quite tough as it requires a clear understanding of the underlying reasons.
Drug addiction among young people is currently a serious dilemma in many countries. Everyone is at risk, and the obstacle takes everyone, both rich and poor. The reasons for this behaviour lie in the upbringing and imitation of the actions of adults. Solving the issue requires a clear explanation of all the reasons.
Nowadays, drug abuse in adolescents has been increasingly becoming a severe issue. In this essay, I will outline a number of reasons for this trend and some possible solutions to help tackle the issue.
***Nowadays, drug abuse in adolescents has become a severe issue. In this essay, I will outline a number of reasons for this trend and some possible solutions to help tackle the issue.***
It is common these days that the demand for Drugs is increasing by leaps and bounds. It is a debatable topic and has now become more controversial. Many pupils claim that it is a serious issue while others reject this notion. In my, opinion this trend has
Abusing drugs amidst youngsters, in these days, has become a commonplace. Compared to the past, younger generation is more aware of the illegal medicine. While this is implicated in a set of conspicuous causes, I am convinced that juvenile drug abuse can be tackled with the collaborative efforts of the government and parents of these young perpetrators.
The misuse of drugs by minors has posed a dire threat to families and nations across the world, as this bad behaviour is spreading rapidly. This is mainly because of lack of family care, the bad company youths keep and ease of access to large amounts of medications. There are a few suggestions in mitigating against this bad trend, ensuring the reduction of drug abuse.
The bar chart below demonstrates the proportion of men and women in 6 different educational establishments in 2010 (UK)
Narcotic Drug has been a chronic concern in society for many decades, and it is widely used by many people especially, among teenagers. In this essay, the major causes of being illegal drug addicts among youth will be elaborated on, and some promising solutions for monitoring this serious circumstance will be examined before my conclusion is reached.
Nowadays, various kinds of drugs have spread among youngsters and become a crucial problem for society. This issue has many reasons. However, a number of solutions can be tackled.
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