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The majority of the masses choose to wake up before the usual time and begin the daily work. While others adopt to get up late opportunity in the day and be at work until midnight. In my opinion, I opt for the regular working hours as it is beneficial to strength and wealth. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall explain my point of view.
Nowadays multinational companies hire an enormous quantity of staff to work and to enhance their economical boundaries. Some people argue that if employees who work for large organizations and factories must shift to the countryside so that the traffic and housing problems must be resolved. In my opinion, I completely disagree with the above statement because these citizens would waste their precious time while commuting to the office.
There is a debate whether offspring should be given the space to commit mistakes, while others think that families should not allow their offspring to commit mistakes. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument, and then I will give my opinion.
The decisions should be made by only supervisors or executives, according to some people. Other people, nevertheless, opine that everyone in a company should be involved in making these things. In my opinion, all members should decide on their own jobs. Both sides along with my perspectives linked to the topic will be outlined in the following paragraphs.
Arguably, it is commented whether the world-ruling power should use public funds sensitizing and mobilizing citizens to avert sickness or it should allocate the same money to individuals cure. Personally, I strongly agree with the view since it is worthy of preventing rather than treating. Although a cure is less spending than prevention. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
In the concurrent world, people can enjoy advanced technology and convenient internet. The folk can connect to a load of information, but they may not analyse whether it is correct or not. Also, we cannot deny that we do have lots of choices since we can easily access the cyber in our generation whereas our parents may not have these benefits in their generations. This essay is going to discuss both pons and cons and my own opinions.
Some would argue that youngsters ought to have the freedom to make mistakes, whilst some believe that it is adults' duty to protect their offspring from any wrong activities. Although a miserable fault and learning from that can build a psychologically strong man, I personally do not agree with that statement because one evil step can make a child suffer and therefore parents can help them with their life experience.
In recent years it's been observed that more and more families are rarely gathering to have the daily meals together.I believe that this is happening because people are unable to balance between their occupations and personal life which has led to major cracks in normal family structure.
It is questioned if the government should give more money to education than the arts. On my behalf, I think that, in some way, art is a way of cultivating people too. Accordingly, it shouldn´t be possible to choose one. After all, places such as museums, galleries, exhibitions, concerts, dancing and other performances, form part of today´s education and even if the state had a bigger budget for schools, these institutions alone will never be enough.
These days, societies are given different career opportunities. Having different career options makes it more likely people move their accommodation as well for a number of times. This essay will discuss the issue of whether this gives society a positive or negative impact on their life. In my opinion, this is certainly positive as people can have more horizons and be avoided from boredom.
Altering jobs for several times for some people is getting more common nowadays. This essay will discuss the reasons why people do this and give my opinion on whether or not this is promising for the public as a whole.
Some people choose to spend their entire lives doing the same work and are not open to new changes. Meanwhile, some believe that change is always a good thing and are open to new things in life. This essay will discuss both views and give my personal opinion on the matter.
In this competitive corporate ,world it is necessary for many positions to have updated training and research with the advent of technology. While some would argue that employers are responsible for the payments, others believe that individuals ought to pay by themselves. Although when an employee can make reimbursement for the tuition, it eases financial circumstances, I personally believe that any career improvement course should be personal.
Although in the past classroom education was the only way of learning, at the present internet and smartphone made a virtual classroom system that is becoming popular. I personally believe that this trend has positive sides such as cost-effective higher education and reduces carbon-di-oxide emission; the negatives are lacking in interpersonal communication and poor students cannot use the advent of technology.
It is believed that exploitation and harnessing of renewable energy should be the prime goal of the world-ruling power. Personally, I strongly agree with the view since fossil energies damage the planet. Although the clear powers do not suffice all human beings' energy necessities. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
It is believed that the exploitation and harnessing of renewable power should be the prime goal of world-ruling . Personally, I strongly agree with the view since fossil power damage the planet. Although the clear energies do not suffice all human beings' energy necessities. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
According to the British and Australian legislation judge members are not allowed to access the past defendant misdeeds to safeguard the convicts, However, some connoisseurs proposed the change of the rule, permitting the jury to know the outlaws' past life for sake of better judgment. Personally, I agree with the view owing to the fact that shortfall in information could condemn innocents. Although it has its adverse side effects. This essay will shed light on the matter and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
It is argued that university education should not have any tuition fees and it should be open for everyone. I strongly agree with this view because this will provide equality to the poor students as a result of this higher educated citizen will increase and it can make any country wealthy.
Nowadays it is very uncommon in families to meet at a certain time and have breakfast, lunch or dinner together. I believe that this trend has happened because of the ways people balance between work and life and although busy professional activities provide us financial security, it takes the toll on an ideal family life where children might take the wrong path living.
In today's generation knowledge is the greatest treasure of an individual life though some human beings say that the distribution of information related to experiments , corporations and educational backgrounds is virtuous. However, further population find this sharing unpleasant as some facts are quite precious and essential . In my ,opinion this division of data is generally beneficial such as sharing brings a lot of extra ideas and guidance.
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