IELTS Writing Samples Band 9

Because of the competition given by supermarkets, numerous local shops have been shutting down in the locality. Consequently, buying options for the local people have been reduced. Nevertheless, the government can curb the issue by supporting these shopkeepers. The coming paragraphs will shed a light on this context further.
When we encounter barriers in our lives, we will either accept fate or try our best to better the situation. While numerous people claim that acceptance is a better reaction to difficulties, I lean toward the latter and believe that it is the optimal approach for people to solve their problems.
Communication through the internet has become an essential part of our lives. It is common to have a pen-friend living in another country without even meeting them. A segment of society is convinced that these kinds of friendships can lead to adverse consequences. Others, however, believe the opposite. The following paragraphs will analyze both views and explain my support of the latter view.
People have different views about how can be valuable to make information publicly available for the development of many sectors in the world . While others claim that data needs to be secured and not shared without effort . In my opinion , I completely believe that info should be available without any difficulties.
The question of whether advertisement serves no real purpose has become progressively contentious as some argue necessity is a driving force for all purchases. In my opinion, while their viewpoints seem legitimate, adverts help consumers develop needs for novelty.
In recent days, adults even teenagers get many opportunities to invest their time in any sort of productive project without any hesitation. It is also believed that getting involved in any voluntary work can be fruitful for the future progress of their life as well as for society. From my perspective, voluntary work is one of the most impactful things that can be done by every adolescent.
Nowadays, many believe that attending sports or musical events is more rewarding compared to viewing the broadcast through the digital screen. Personally, I somewhat agree with the statement because only by being physically present (in the moment), one gets to keep memories of a lifetime. Although this view may be reasonable, I am not completely in favour of the aforementioned opinion as I believe the latter option is more efficient in terms of cost and time.
The popularity of studying through computers is highly observed these days due to the rise of online courses and learning methods. But there are essential duties for teachers in the classroom because early-aged children may not be ready for online learning. Now I will explain that why I believe teachers’ roles are still crucial for pupils in classrooms.
The popularity of studying through computers is highly observed these days due to the rise of online courses and learning methods. But there are essential duties for teachers in the classroom because early-aged children may not be ready for online learning. Now I will explain my opinion that why I believe in teachers’ roles are still crucial for pupils in classrooms.
Some people believe that the changing process has more pros than cons. I personally support the opinion that there are more points in favour, such as the good impact on our neurons even though, sometimes, it requires a big effort.
In this present time, a plethora of undergraduates wants to travel in a various country for their higher education. I think its a good and a bad idea for student to graduate from their dream university.
There are many different perspectives about iPads. On the one hand, the iPad is a technology that helps people achieve uncomplicated and more expedient life. It has many programs and applications to facilitate us. On the other hand, the iPad causes bad health. However, From my point of view, iPads have more advantages. This essay will clarify possible factors that can identify why iPads have advantages.
Equality between men and wives has always been a global argument with old and new prejudice, especially taking detail in a governmental job. However, living in this present world, I would support that she needs to be accepted and treated equally with men at all.
Citizens of developed countries have innumerable ways to enjoy their life. While some people believe additional resources will add value to their already happy life, I think otherwise. Each additional dollar in a resident of a rich nation does not guarantee the chances of purchasing products that bring joy and pleasure to him.
One of the conspicuous trends of today’s modern world is a colossal upsurge in the use of the internet for communication and gaining knowledge but some individuals believe that it should be used in a controlled manner whereas others believe that there shouldn’t be any interruptions.I personally agree with the latter statement as misuse of online media is done to spread terror and crime.
In recent times, many people are selecting to socialize on the internet rather than a physical meeting. I think this is a positive development.
It is supposed by many that schools should only focus on education, whereas, others think that it should be a fun place to be. Although learning should be one of the agenda, I strongly believe that schools should focus on overall development ; hence, it should be a place for entertainment.
Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives including education. This trend benefits both students and teachers because it facilitates easier learning and teaching processes. A segment of society is convinced that with such rapid development of technology, very soon, computers will replace teachers in the classroom. Others, however, believe that the role of a teacher can never be replaced by artificial intelligence. I personally support the latter view. The following paragraphs will discuss both opinions and highlight my view.
These days, a number of young adults advocate cohabitation and consider this as common; others, however, raise objections to it. From my perspective, I am supportive of the latter, in that I believe this phenomenon has several drawbacks far outweighing its seeming advantages.
The issue of climate change was always debatable and has become more controversial. Many people claim that people have more responsibility to fight climate change, while others reject this notion. The substantial influence of this trend has sparked controversy over the potential impact in recent years. In my opinion, we should work more to fight against climate change to be more rational. This essay will elaborate on both points of view of this issue and thus lead to a logical conclusion.