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This is true that the first care was constructed by the United Kingdom in 1888. In 2000 there were about 29 million vehicles on British roads. This is a common belief that alternative types of transport should be introduced also ,universal laws should be performed to monitor using ownership cars. From my point of view ,I strongly agree with this idea.
In the current times, we are observing major changes in the global climate. Some in society think it is due to the loss of important plants and animals. Whereas others in the community believe, it is due to other critical issues. In the below paragraph, we will discuss both the sides and my balanced opinion.
In this twenty-first century, most of the communities opine that the authorities or police must not give each and every fact which is related to a particular offence. From my perspective, I completely agree with this certain group of people since there will be a leakage of evidence and more and more questions arise against the government.
In recent years, by improving technology, people tend to read books and newspapers on the Internet, and the proportion of purchasing paper goods will reduce in the future. I wholeheartedly agree with this matter. And personally would rather read everything online. And in the essay below, I will mention the reasons.
In this twenty-first century, the public prefers to work in their own world rather than working in a particular department. From my perspective, although it is a form of independent working, socializing skills might have a major reduction.
Many opine that the young generations are the most content population in the world. However ,some people claim that when people become adults they are happiest despite having many obligations. From my point of view ,I personally believe the best time to be happy is the adult years.
It is often said that these days many children prefer to spend time in their own accommodation instead of going out. From my point of view ,it can be a negative trend. I'm going to explain some reasons below.
Learning is a part of human growth and development and people learn all through their life. Pupils should focus more on lectures than other materials such as television or the web. I strongly argue with this statement and this essay will discuss the reasons in detail along with personal opinion in the end.
Country development depends upon how well professionals are growing and it is undeniable, that more and more health workers and educators are migrating to other countries and leaving their undeveloped provincial behind. This essay will discuss the two main causes and solutions in detail with examples based on that.
Although it has been pointed out by some that the number of commercials aiming at young children has been increasing nowadays, which is beneficial to children’s development, other people argue that it is unfair to tempt a child to purchase products by advertising. Personally, I completely agree with the latter idea as creating more and more advertisements to attract young individuals to buy items will bring a health problem.
Based on statistical data illustrating that the deficient literation is highly related to the high unlawful acts. A significant number of individuals regard that the pathway to cut down these acts is investing in the apprenticeship of convicts in jails so that are inserted in the work environment upon out. Personally, I agree with the view since it rehabilitates them. Albeit, other overhauls have shown that a plethora of them remains psychological unaltered. This essay will shed light on both sides of the view and provide evidence to prove the arguments.
In history ,professors and teachers used to teach lessons to many students with conventional measures. However ,these days new technology is becoming more common to teach pupils. From my point of view ,that trend could have both upsides and downsides.
Growth is a part of human development and we can't go back in past to cherish those memories we have created throughout our lives. Some people think that the school period is the joyful moment of our heart. Whereas, others think adults have a more cheerful time. Despite, more burden. I believe both the facts are correct and have some signs of their own in a person's soul.This essay will discuss both views in detail with examples along with personal opinions in the end.
In the contemporary world, the popularity of music has grown tremendously among people especially, youngsters.Some think that it is a positive option for individuals to come together. Despite, their religions and ages.I completely agree with the statement that melody binds nations together and this essay will discuss the two main reasons which are strong emotions and commonality in detail.
In the current era, Financial management should be included in the institution’s curriculum in order to survive in a practical world. Personally, I strongly agree with this statement as pupils would gain large numbers of benefits from economic subjects.
Some people think that it is not vital to go and live in other countries to learn their culture and behaviour. They believe that there are some other resources such as movies, books and the Internet which can help us to understand the other cultures. I wholeheartedly agree with this idea and in this essay, I will explain the reasons.
These days demanding freshwater is becoming a universal problem that countries are facing. There are multiple causes that can be considered. There is much that can be done to tackle the problem constructively.
In recent decades, the governments have raised the amount of money that experienced managers earn as a salary, whereas others in the same business have lower earnings. I wholeheartedly agree with this point, and in this essay, I will explain the reasons.
It is often said that nowadays educational centres should teach their pupils different methods to survive financially in today's modern world. From my point of view ,I personally disagree with this idea. I also believe there are multiple significant subjects that should not be ignored.
In this technical world, people are getting a good amount of income for the job they are doing in a system. If a person works for the senior position due to his experience they are paid more while others get less salary. I totally agree with this point and explain the reasons for this in the below essay.
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