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Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing you today regarding the feedback your company asked for in the Ville Marie area. There are two choices for us to choose from and I am going to pen down my opinion in this letter. Firstly, th
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My name is Kulwinder Kaur writing this letter in regards to express my point of view regarding the sponsorship of two different events. Hence, I will discuss the detriment of both events and will present my point of view
The purpose of writing this letter today is to express my opinion about the spending options for the local community that you provided in a local newsletter.
My name is Sukhwinder Kaur Ranu, a local resident . I would like to express my opinion about the spending options for the local community that you provided in the last interview.
I am one of the employees working in the customer service department in your company. I am writing this letter to provide my opinion regarding how to spend money either on sponsoring the children's sports team or playing
I am writing with regard to the investment your company is planning to make in the Yorkville area. As a Yorkville resident, I very much appreciate that you are willing to listen to the residents' opinions in this regard.
I am a resident of Long Thanh town. I am writing this letter to express my gratitude towards your goodwill towards our town as well as give my suggestions.
I am writing to make a suggestion about your sponsorship. Perhaps we could consider the advantages and disadvantages of two variations: local children’s sports teams and two open-air concerts.
I hope this letter finds you well. This is Iman who Lives in the same neighborhood where your company is located at. I am writing this letter to give you the required feedback.
I will like to express my appreciation towards the plan to either sponsor our local team, West Brom Academy or bring two open-air concerts to the community. Surprisingly, both ideas come with long-term benefits and I thi
I am writing this letter to give you a suggestion for sponsoring a sports team. Firstly, there are many students who lack the basic necessity to become good player is the lack of healthy food and improper training. Henc
After greeting, I am writitng this letter to you with regard to the last survey had been made to get feedback for the general public about the topic of spending a certain amount of money either to support our local child
I am writing to express my views about your company's decision to invest some money in sponsoring a sports team for native children or pay for the organisation of two open-air concerts.
My name is Madhur Bathla, I am writing this letter with reference to the feedback that your company is asking from the public to decide between spending money on local children's sports team or paying for two open-air co
I hope this letter will find you in good health and high spirits. I am writing this letter with regard to the feedback your company asked from the public of Central park housing society. I would appreciate it if you coul
I am Harvey, leaving at flat 1, 539, Forest Road, Canterbury 2036. I am writing to you with regards sponsorship by your company Maxtrade towards the children's sports and concert.
My name is Daniel Kong, and I am from the general public. I'm writing this letter to appreciate your company can spend a large amount of money to sponsor our teenager's sports for the next two years or pay for concerts.
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