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For many, owning a car has become a prestigious affair, from past three decades. Resulting into a tremendous number of increase of vehicles on the road in many cities. This is true to a large extent, as we notice many traffic jams round-the-clock. This essay will discuss few measures that the government can adopt to encourage citizens avoid using their cars.
Traffic congestion is the most pressing issue that many cities across the world face today. Over the last few decades, the rate of car ownership has accelerated significantly, and if not controlled, it is likely to rise further. Admittedly, governments across the world have tried to resolve / fix this problem by widening existing roads; however, they have not been able to match the pace of increasing car ownership. Consequently, the problem of congestion has escalated to such a level that in big cities, it affects not only business activities but also the physical and mental well-being of residents. Businesses incur loss because of the delay in moving their goods and manpower. Urban residents also suffer because of the constant noise and air pollution caused by frequent traffic jams.
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In past point, people were used to go to another village or town in bullock cart or similar vehicles as they don't have any facilities of vehicles in most towns and villages. On the other hand, today's picture is totally different, where on the road many cars can be seen which is due to its availability to everyone in very affordable prices. Due to increases in average income level and various options available to own the ride as per your budget availability, everyone is able to buy the motor. Not only they are affordable but also provides higher safety on roads and due to the advancement of technology nowadays most of cars provides very good millage, this is the cause for most of the families have their personal vehicle and using it to roam inside the city as well as in between the cities.
It is undeniable fact that, in last three decades people own more cars than the other decades, but because of this many metropolises are now affected with transportation related problems. So, some people believe that government should enact some stricter laws for car ownership and run some campaigns to discourage people. I totally agree with the aforesaid statement.
There is indeed a tremendous upsurge in purchasing cars by many city dwellers as compared to the past years. In my opinion, I vehemently agree with this former notion that most metro cities are facing heinous transport congestion. Therefore, law-enforcement agencies can take myriad steps to tackle this problem such as imposing taxes on private modes of commute and improve the public transportation system.
It is true that there is a tremendous upsurge in purchasing a car by many city dwellers as compare to the past. In my opinion, I vehemently agree with this former notion that most metro cities are facing heinous transport congestion. Therefore, law-enforcement agencies can take myriad steps to tackle this problem such as imposing taxes on private modes of commute and improve the public transportation system.
Buying car individually becoming popular among different parts of the world. In last 30 years, owing own car numbers are raised at extreme rate in different big cities across world and becoming reason for the huge traffic jam problems. This essay will discuss how more and more cars become reason for jam and how government put different alternatives to reduce usage of cars.
Every person dreams has a own car. Nowadays most people are achieved their dream like has car. However, car holding population are dramatically increased over the last three decades and we can see that. Even though inevitably now many cities are being faced huge congestion on the road to around the world. Undoubtedly this statement is accurate and in this essay I would explain what are the measures are taken governmenent in order to reduce car users.
With the advent of globalization and increase in the standard of living of the people, car ownership has proliferated over the years. The sore in the population is adding colossal number of motor vehicles with the size of the cities on the verge now. To my utter dismay, big cities are now becoming a hub of traffic; subsequently, the government can take stringent actions to curb the number of vehicles running on the roads. This essay shall delineate the humongous reasons for the increase in road traffic there by suggesting the stringent laws that the authorities can take.
Automobile ownership has dramatically increased over the past 30 years. While, many cities in the world have been suffering from transportation jam. In my opinion, the statement is right.
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In this era almost every individual has a desire to own a vehicle. But from last decades the car holder increase with the great rate which is one of the the major reason behind the traffic condition in the big cities. The forthcoming paragraph would highlight some of the outcomes raised against that in cities.
In recent years, the technology becomes an imperative part of our life. People are using technology to make them comfortable. Car usage is an example of this. In the past 30 years, usage of cars increased considerably in many cities. The essay will discuss the increase in car ownerships and the possible ways the government can take to discourage people to use it.
In the past 30 years, there is a rising trend of buying cars which have ultimately resulted in the chocking of traffic and I fully agree with this fact. States have to curb this practice by improving the mass transit systems and imposing bans on the entry of vehicles during rush hours.
Technology is spreadings its root in the modern world. Nowadayss, we are having theautomobiles, whichch make our transition very convenient. But some peoplclaimm that the count of vehiclesis increasing on the roads from last 30 years, whichh created a serious problem of huge traffic jams. I firmly believe that this is the biggest problem of today, s world. There are some reasons behind this issue and solutions are also available.
The last years, the number of people owning a car has so dramatically increased that many cities are facing traffic problems and the word is described as 'one big traffic jam'. In my opinion, it is true that currently we are having trouble with so many vehicles on the roads, but what government can do to reduce the use of so many cars?
Worldwide globalization has its advantages and disadvantages , Due to the rapid industrial revolution in the automobile sector, more advanced and affordable machines are available to the public. This phenomenon is one of the many reasons for an exponential increase in car purchases over the years, which eventually led to major traffic congestion in many cities across the world. This essay will further elaborate my views and thus lead to possible solutions.
Car ownership has significantly increased so over the past 30 years and many cities in the world are now confronted with big traffic jam problems. In my opinion, I could not agree more with this statement and I will explain a factor and solution for this case.
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