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Currently, when the overpopulation becomes more and more awful while the living level is updated day by day which results to a big global problem named " traffic jam". Someone said that due to the rapid increase of cars, many city in the world are now "big traffic jam". In my opinion, this statement is true according to my personal observation.
Possession of cars for individuals has been increasing drastically over the past of couple of decades in the major developing countries and apparently, it leads to one of the predominant unsolvable issue for the governments today. I completely agree with the aforementioned statement.
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Over the last few years, many people opine that the traffic congestion problems have become worse in many cities due to the rapidly rising of cars on the roads. Personally, I agree with this argument in some extents. Therefore, the government should think about the solution to decrease the number of cars on the road in order to alleviate the traffic problems.
Automobile owners have developed very fast under the past thirty years that many urbanization in the earth are nowadays one huge traffic jam. İn my opinion it's obviously an enormous problems in last years.
Congestion on the roads due to private vehicles in many cities has surged in the past 30 years due to increased purchasing and ownership. In my view, this statement holds true in today’s world. However, the government can take steps such as limiting the number of vehicles a family can own and making public transport cheaper.
The statement about the correlation between the growing number of cars and the undeniable worsened condition of traffic could be seen from many different points of view.
Nowadays, the number of vehicles rose sharply and it was considered to be the main cause of the traffic problems in many cities. This essay will present my view about this problem and propose two measures as a remedy to it.
Nowadays, the number of vehicles has risen sharply and it was considered to be the main cause of the traffic problems in many cities. This essay will present my view about this issue and propose two measures as a remedy to it.
Over the past thirty years, being in possession of a vehicle has shown a dramatic upward trend that a lot of states are experiencing a huge traffic blockage. In my point of view, I believe that there is actually an increase in this issue. In the next paragraphs, I will discuss this statement and what can be done to overcome this problem.
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In the modern world, there are more cars on the roads than the people they can carry. As a result of which, many metropolitan cities face big traffic jams. According to me, the given statement is 100% valid, many cities in the world are now 'one big traffic jam'. This essay will discuss about the same and some measures that the governments can take to tackle this problem.
Over the years, owning a car has become quite common. An increase in the per capita income of people in many countries has resulted in higher discretionary spending, and as a result, owning a car has become quite common. However, this has lead to serious traffic jam in many cities. In my opinion, a lot of cities around the world are facing serious issues with traffic and the governments must take action against this alarming problem.
Especially in the past thirty years car ownership had increased rapidly because of the consistently increasing car demand in the society. This fact has some consequences; many cities, particularly the metropoles, are now suffering from traffic. As a resident in the heart of a metropole, Istanbul, I can easily say that individual car ownership made our city one big traffic jam. I will discuss how can this issue be resolved.
There has always been huge arguments about the increasing number of car ownership. While some claim that it will cause lots of problems such as pollution and big citys became big traffic jams, others do not find it very significant problem. In this essay I am going to mention about that problems an try to suggest an appropriate solution.
It is impossible to deny that the number of cars has increased dramatically over the last few decades. The impact is especially noticeable in big cities, where there is now a heavy traffic each and every day. Nevertheless, governments can take some actions to improve the situation by developing alternatives to car usage.
There is no doubt that these days almost every adult is having a car and this is affecting the traffic and the environment, however, the question: Do governments have to take any action to stop people getting cars? Is being a controversial issue nowadays, while I tend to believe that societies should encourage the use of public transport and make it applicable to everyone.In this essay I am going to examine this phenomenon from both viewpoints.
There was a time when owning a car was only a luxury for the upper class society while the general public relied on public transport or the humble two-wheeler for their daily commute. However, in the last thirty years, we have taken huge financial strides making it possible for working class individuals to afford a car. In my opinion, though we have empowered the common man to be able to own a personal vehicle, we have now arrived at a stage where there are way too many vehicles on the roads leading to extreme congestion which was not planned for.
Some folks and the data produces the fact that owning a car has become a trend and a status symbol throughout the world since about three decades. Due to this the roads of several cities are usually jammed due to the huge traffic. According to my opinion, the above statement is completely true. Further, in this essay several facts will be discussed regarding the above statement and also about the several measures which the government can take to discourage people from using their cars.
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Nowadays, the number of cars in the world has increased dramatically. During the last 30 years, many people bought their own car, thus, in the cities, there is a new important problem: the traffic jam. This essay will explain how much is real this issue and how the governments can influence the people convincing them to decrease the use of cars.
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