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Nowadays, the tendency of purchasing private vehicles such as cars has risen dramatically in the 3 decades , especially in the 10 years and it is a reason why some of the big cities on the Earth become “one big traffic jam”.I totally agree with that state
These days, many cities are growing at a significant rate due to rapid industrialization and modernization. Transportation has also been improved connecting all parts of the world, but with the flow of money among people, the demand of luxury transportati
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With the passing time, people have gained more access to the luxurious amenities. Being a car owner is also the one of them. Comparing to the conventional times, it can be said that car ownership is increasing swiftly. Therefore, resulting in a big traffi
Some people argue that car ownership has increased so fastly over the last thirty years while so many cities in the world now facing with the heavy traffic. I strongly agree with this statement and has a negative impact to the environment. Therefore, Foll
There was a rapid hike in the statistic of vehicles on the highway, which in turn resulted in heavy movement congestion. The government has already imposed many measures by which this can be minimized. This essay will discuss the solutions to minimize the
Some people said that many cities today have experienced big traffic jams since the increase in car ownership over three decades later. I cannot argue with this statement as more society thinks that using a private car is more reliable than using any ot
Over the past thirty years, the number of cars is increasing which has caused lots of jams in big cities around the world. Why this type of vehicle became so popular among citizens?
Nowadays, cars act as a neccessary part of our life as each family owned at least one. This leads to a heavy traffic jam all around the world, and these can be reduce by government start to take action.
Nowadays, cars act as a necessary part of our life as each family owned at least one. This leads to heavy traffic jams all around the world, and these can be reduced by government start to take action.
Many people say that the increasing number of car owners has resulted in heavy traffic jams in many cities across the world. In this essay, I will discuss this situation and explain what governments should do to prevent people from buying their own cars.
Especially in the past thirty years car ownership had increased rapidly because of the consistently increasing car demand in the society. This fact has some consequences; many cities, particularly the metropoles, are now suffering from traffic. As a resid
There has always been huge arguments about the increasing number of car ownership. While some claim that it will cause lots of problems such as pollution and big citys became big traffic jams, others do not find it very significant problem. In this essay
In the last three decades, the keeping own personal vehicles has enhanced the problem of traffic across the planet. I firmly admit the statement to the extent that government should take strict steps to resolve the issue. In this essay I will discuss the
There is no doubt that these days almost every adult is having a car and this is affecting the traffic and the environment, however, the question: Do governments have to take any action to stop people getting cars? Is being a controversial issue nowadays,
In the modern world, there are more cars on the roads than the people they can carry. As a result of which, many metropolitan cities face big traffic jams. According to me, the given statement is 100% valid, many cities in the world are now 'one big traff
It is impossible to deny that the number of cars has increased dramatically over the last few decades. The impact is especially noticeable in big cities, where there is now a heavy traffic each and every day. Nevertheless, governments can take some action
Over the years, owning a car has become quite common. An increase in the per capita income of people in many countries has resulted in higher discretionary spending, and as a result, owning a car has become quite common. However, this has lead to serious
During the last three decades the rising number of cars owned by people has deeply influenced traffic in many cities in the world. This essay will first address the question of how real is the change claimed in the statement and it will then discuss what
The statement about the correlation between the growing number of cars and the undeniable worsened condition of traffic could be seen from many different points of view.
Nowadays the number of cars has reached its peak, and this trend has created several problems including traffic congestion in the streets. To my mind, the main reason for this can be due to the developments in the car industry. An effective solution for t
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