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The increasing rate of pollution in many nations makes the government focus on using renewable resources such as wind and solar energy instead of fossil fuels. From my perspective, this shift will create significantly po
It is true that fossil fuel is considered as the most important source of power by many nations in this day and age. However, alternative powers such as solar, water, and wind energy have been promoted to use. In my poin
In some nations, renewable energy is an incentive to use although non-renewable is the primary source. I personally believe that this tendency has brought a positive development.
Fossil fuel is considered a major source of produce power by many countries, nowadays. However, other nations have been using alternative origins of power which are natural sources as well as, wild and sun. In my point
In this contemporary epoch, the idea of using other renewable sources of power has been gaining ground recently. While proponents hold the view that this trend has a plethora of merits for the environment, other opponent
Recently, some parts of the world are encouraging the use of renewable sources of power as an alternative to replacing fossil fuel as the only source of energy. I argue that this is a positive decision to ace the impact
Petroleum products are consider as the major element of our energy source.But nowadays it has been noticed that some revolutionary changes in energy sources.In my opinion, it is providing a positive impact on our society
Fossil fuel has been used by humankind as the source of chief energy for fundred years, but it considered as non renewable resources, which mean that one day their reserve will deplete due to persistence exploration to m
Fossil fuel has been used by humankind as the source of chief energy for hundreds of years, but it is considered a non-renewable resource, which means that one day their reserve will deplete due to persistent exploration
Throughout the world, fossils are the most used source of energy. They are used to power factories, run cars, fly planes, and so on. However, some countries are now encouraging the use of renewable sources. I believe thi
Nowadays, fossil fuel plays a fundamental role in supplying energy. Meanwhile, some nations are implementing other alternative sources of generating power. Personally, while consuming fossil fuels provide irresistible ad
Every nation have its own priority when it comes to an energy source, some prefer non-renewable source while another emphasises renewable origin such as wind and solar which I reckon is a positive development. In my ess
Fossil fuels have been considered as a major power source by many nations till date. However, some countries have shifted towards natural sources, such as wind and sun. In my view, it is a positive development and will d
Nowadays, it has been proved that reneweble powers are environmentally friendlier alternative for energy sources. I opine that encouraging more countries to the use of alternative sources of energy is a positive trend.
Governments across continents have turned their attention to more sustainable sources of energy as alternatives to fossil fuel. In my opinion, this could be seen as a progress for the following reasons.
It is undeniable that fossil fuels such as coal and gases are the primary resources of energy. However, a few countries are promoting the use of other resources, for example, solar or wind energy. In my opinion, changing
It is argued that despite fossil fuel being the predominant energy provision, alternatives are being explored as a substitute and becoming an infinitely preferable option. It seems that this trend is greatly desirable. T
In recent years, governments in countries have directed their attention to alternative sources of energy such as solar, nuclear or tidal energy. In my opinion, this trend could be both advantages and disadvantages, as no
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