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Different communities has different traditional and religious food. With the globalisation, international foods is growing on large scale around the world. This essay will articulate about how international fast food is having more positive effects compared to traditional dishes with the reasons and its appurtenant example in the following paragons.
There are three basic needs of human to survive. In which food is one of the basic need. In fact, every Nation have their own traditional food. Although, day by day this cuisines are replaced by unhealthy food and this affects the inhabitants adversely. This essay will articulate on the agreeable side of the statement in the following paradigms with the pertinent instance.
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People have different options regarding snacks.It is argued that many nations prefer to eat international foods instead of local bread. This essay will examine cases of negative consequences to the community and the public and the forthcoming paragraphs showed the agreement and the disagreement sides.
All over the world, different nations speak to own native languages. This variety of language can make difficult circumstances such as social and functional problems for people who emigrant recently to a new country. These problems are undeniable and I believe that if people do not learn the original language of the destination country, they will have serious dilemmas.
International fast foods are replacing traditional foods in almost throughout the world that affects negatively both families and societies. I completely agree with the given statement because it seems to be disadvantageous in certain ways.
With the development of economic , so many things are being changed in our daily life.For example, traditional foods are disappearing day by day. However, it replaced by international fast foods,such as hamburger ,chips and pizza. It demonstrated a negative effect for both families and societies. I can't agree more .
International fast food is very commonly available nowadays. International foods is taking place of traditional foods in many countries and this affect society as well as family. I totally agree with the given statement and my reasons are in the following paragraph.
Nowadays, fast food from other countries is taking precedence over the traditional food we used to have. Some argue that this is having a bad effect on families as well as society as a whole. I do not agree with such an argument as there are both negatives and positives associated with these changes in food habits.
More and more families now subsist on fast foods supplied by international restaurant chains such as KFC and McDonalds. In fact, many families have forgotten the art of traditional cooking. In my opinion, this is a negative trend with far reaching consequences.
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A healthy diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. Although many people believe that, processed food take a place in every nation and it takes over our traditional food. Besides, it has many negative impacts on individuals along with civilization. There are several reasons for such a situation and also few visible influences too. This essay will substantiate my views in the following paragraphs with relevant examples.
A healthy diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. Although many people believe that, processed food take a place in every nation and it takes over our traditional food. Besides, it has many negative impacts on individuals along with civilization. I agree with the writer’s notion and the reasons for my inclination are articulated in the ensuing paragraph.
Traditions and customs are in a state of flux nowadays. One result of these upheavals is that people consume more junk food and avoid eating traditional homemade food. However, some believe that this trend has adverse effects on both families and society. I completely agree with this view.
Native food culture has been substitute by instant fast-foodfood chains globally, while having adverse effects for both families and the society. I strongly agree the fact the this have impacted the health of both young and old in society which can lead to detrimental consequences.
It is commonly believed that global junk food has replaced ancestral healthy diet in some ecocnomies and this is leading to detrimental effect on communities and as well as households. I completely disagree with the given statement and there are two reasons why I think so and they will be explained in the next few paragraphs.
Nowadays many countries are changes their snack habit due to junk meal taste and availability .In favour of this ,it has some pros and cons inhouse and in the societies.From my point of view,I agree with this statement and going to elaborate on my view below paragraph.
In a large number of countries the world over, traditional foodstuffs are losing priority down to the availability of continental food items. Consequently, there has been a growing body of opinion that this phenomenon has detrimental effects on both families and societies. Being a rational mind, I, too, assent to this notion, for I am of the view that this tendency would create distance among family members, and societies would surely lose uniqueness in culinary skill and customs.
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