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Reading newspapers or catching up with news developments on TV is a great source of increasing your knowledge about your surroundings and to keep yourself updated with what's happening worldwide. Although, nowadays we see a decrease in the trend of youth taking interest in the same.
In recent years, newspapers have almost became extinct. Even the news channels on the televisions have seen a constant decline in their list of subscribers. This is mainly because they fail to attract the attention of the younger generation audience. This is happening in many countries and there are a lot of factors that can be held responsible for it. However, all is not lost and the situation can be improved by making minor changes.
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It is generally believed that following news and articles keeps one abreast of happenings in the world. Although, in some countries, a significantly less number of young people are inclined towards reading newspaper or viewing news on television. Plethora of reasons contribute to the same such as lack of interest among the young population and further, important steps needs to be taken to combat with the issue.
Nowadays, children are more enrolled in videos games and social media. Due to this In most parts of the nation younger generation are giving less attraction towards reading newspapers and watching the news on television. Parental care and attention should play a vital role in rectifying this problem.
Although newspapers and television (TV) are the most accessible ways to broadcast news, these channels tend to have a low appeal to young adults. The cause of low interest, generally, can be attributed to the way the news is delivered either in written form or presented on visuals. In this essay, the cause of low interest of news by young adults, and how it can be solved will be discussed.
Newspaper and TV are the major sources of information about the society. In most of the countries, It is generally claimed that the news is usually uncommon among the youngsters. This essay will analyse the principal problems and discuss the solutions to this issue.
Some argue that a small number of younger people in several nations watch news on TV or read newspapers. The reason for that is that they use different means to follow the news and therefore, should have the news delivered to them through devices they are using on a daily basis.Younger people do not tend to readnewspapers or watch TV since they have grownup using other items rather than TV or newspapersto follow the news or any other events around the world. Firstly, they use computers, their mobile phones and tend to listen to podcasts and radio in order to follow the news. Secondly, the younger people do not wait for particulartimes to sit in front ofthe TV to watch the news as older people do,but instead want to watch whenever they want from whatever device they use or carry with them. The solution is to accommodate the younger people and push the news to their devices they use. So, theyhave apps that they can upload to their phones and tabletsas well as TVs so that they can follow the news from them. The news should be recorded so that they can choose to listen and watch the news whenever they feel like it and is best for them. For example, they are waiting for a bus or a train to get them to schooland they can alsolisten to the recorded news whenever it suits them and wherever they feel like it.The newspapers and TV needs to move to the devices the younger people use and they need to have thenews available at any time with any devicefor the younger people to access them whenever and whereeve
Generally, going through news in the form of daily news articles or television is being practiced by less number of recent generation nowadays in many nations. There are some issues behind this and proper techniques must be carried to overcome this problem. Let’s discuss.
Several individuals realize that if the public gets permission to work since the age of 60, which will create numerous dilemmas for the young generation. Similarly, I also clinch this assertion and explain why this opinion is viable according to me.
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Younger generation of so many countries, reluctant to get news on television and newspapers. In my opinion both availability of internet and personal disinterest towards the paper and news channels are the possible causes. The trend can be modified by restricting online life and focussed guidance.
I agree that very few young people read newspapers or follow the news on TV in many countries. A lot of factors that caused that. First, young people tend to have interest ini things that different with the adult. They more love to read , watch or talk about something that happening, "hits" word that they usually used. Fashion, technology, and gossip are more interesting for them than news. They think reading or watch TV is for adult or old people, they eased to get bored when talked about news.
Nowadays, watching news on Tv and reading newspaper has become less popular. This essay will discuss two main causes of this problem, including an increase in internet usage and lack of time. This essay will also suggest solutions to these problems such as telecasting brief headline news and voice recorded information broadcast.
Nowadays, newspaper and television are considered to be traditional information source. Unfortunately, these days they lack their popularity among youngsters, who are less interested in these types of mediums. In this essay, I will explain the reasons behind this problem as well as some solutions that can be taken to solve it.
The habit of reading newspaper has gradually decreased in recent years. Young people think watching news on TV as old fashion. We cannot blame the younger generations completely as they are more fascinated in digital era.
Keeping oneself up-to-date and knowing what is happening around you is very important in today’s fast-growing world. The effectiveness of reading newspapers and watching the news on TV is diminishing day by day. This essay will discuss the reasons behind this and what solutions can be brought about for inculcating this habit.
Undoubtedly, an increasing number of youngsters are declining the use of televisions and newspapers to know about the current happenings across the globe. In my opinion, a hectic lifestyle and boring content are some potential reasons behind this shift. However, news editors can modify the news to make it more appealing, especially for the younger generation could be a plausible solution.
In modern times, only a handful of individuals like to read the newspaper and watch TV news in many nations,especially in developed countries. There are a plethor of reasons behind this trend and this essay will give insight into the causes of this ideology before suggesting any plausible solutions.
In this era, Youngsters are not interested in reading the newspaper and they don't like to watch TV. Young people are not interested to get to know what is going on these days and most of the time they are never interested in news.
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Nowadays, getting information about all around the world is required to become alert and informative about everything. Young people prefer to spend time and money with their peers instead of reading a newspaper or listening to the news on television.Therefore, this essay will explain the reasons, followed by the solutions to this issue.
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